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CyberTKD provides hours for before school care and after school care. They also transport the children to and from school.
Nesbitt Realty real estate agents are happy to provide real estate management to people like you in Alexandria. If you have some questions about CyberTKD, our real estate agents are local experts. In other words, we can to answer questions about neighborhoods, commutes, property management and real estate matters. If your questions are about the inner workings or practices of CyberTKD, we can only guide you to other resources.

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In Virginia, every real estate licensee (commonly called a real estate agent) is required to complete a state-approved course on real estate, pass a background check and pass a state-approved test. A Realtor must do all this and more. Of the more than two million people who have earned real estate licenses, only some of them are Realtors. You might not know that Realtors in the Commonwealth of Virginia are members in good standing of the National Association of Realtors, the Virginia Association of Realtors, and a local real estate board. To retain good standing, each and every Realtor must stick to specific high standards of ethical behavior.  Not to mention,  each Realtor is required to undergo continuing education to remain in good standing. All agents and property managers of Nesbitt Realty are Realtors!


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Julie Nesbitt, Aubrey Nesbitt, Will Nesbitt, Andrew Patton, Alan Clerinx, and Kim Nesbitt