Patient First provides care for the community of Gainesville.

Nesbitt Realty admires healthcare professionals in the area.

Patient First provides urgent and primary health care on a non-appointment basis in convenient locations. They offer on-site x-rays, laboratories, and prescription drugs, as well as occupational health services. They are also accepting most insurance policies. Patient First is located at 14800 Lee Hwy, Gainesville. Our real estate agents provide real estate management to people in Gainesville.

Throughout the sales process, our real estate professionals will make everything as smooth as can be.

Contact Nesbitt Realty to get results fast in Gainesville or in the surrounding area. We can provide an accurate assessment of the market value of your property so you can your best choice now. We have local experience helping clients in Gainesville and we'd like to assist you.  


Nesbitt Realty is eager to support and assist doctors, nurses and medical technicians. If you are a medical professional buying a home, you'll have to scrounge up enough for funds for your closing costs. But Nesbitt Realty has a solution, Nesbitt Realty can help with your funds to close. Speak with a real estate professional to learn more about how much money Nesbitt Realty can save you. Furthermore, when you buy and sell property with Nesbitt Realty, we can save you even more money.

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