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Middletown is located along 7882 Main St, Middletown, Frederick County, VA 22645. Before its incorporation in 1880, it was in the year 1794 that the Virginia General Assembly established this town with marker number A-105. A certain Dr Peter Senseney is credited with having laid out the original lots for the village which was initially surrounded by farms and plantations. These plantations included the historic Belle Groove that extended from Philadelphia to Georgia. Also, military action occurred in Middletown during the Civil War, ultimately culminating in the Battle of Cedar Creek of 1864. If you're thinking about real estate companies near Middletown, our real estate advisors are happy assist.  We are local experts at providing real estate advice to people like you in Frederick County. If your questions are about details of Middletown, we will mostly likely only guide you to other resources. But, we are very qualified to answer questions regarding schools, nearby resources, property management and real estate matters.


History and Local Real Estate

Virginia was one of the 13 colonies and many of our Founding Fathers are directly tied to Northern Virginia.  And, several major Civil War campaigns occurred in or near this area.

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