Fairfax Herald and Print Shop were established in 1882 by Capt. S.R. Donohoe moved it to this small one-story structure in 1904. The Herald remained in operation until 1966. It is situated at 10400 Main Street, Fairfax.


History and Local Real Estate

Virginia was one of the 13 colonies and many of our Founding Fathers are directly tied to Northern Virginia.  Not to mention, several major Civil War campaigns occurred in or near this area.

Can we say for certain that Fairfax Herald and Print Shop will increase real estate values in Fairfax or neighboring communities?  Yes, even though agents of Nesbitt Realty comprehend that value can be somewhat limited, we still understand that there will be an effect. Of course, to provide an reliable opinion, we'd need to know more about the specific property you're looking at. If you would like to know more about buying properties not far from Fairfax Herald and Print Shop, talk to us, we're eager to help.

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