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Schoolhouse Nine Golf Course is located at 12018 Lee Hwy, Sperryville. The unique design features nine challenging par-3 holes, ranging in length from 85-171 yards. The course meanders through a series of native wildflower meadows bordered by the Thornton River and the historic ruins of the original Smoot Tannery. Real estate near Schoolhouse Nine Golf Course offers a serene, picturesque living environment, ideal for those seeking a blend of rural charm and outdoor recreation. Properties in this area often feature spacious land parcels, providing ample room for gardens, leisure, or small-scale farming. Many homes boast stunning views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, enhancing the appeal for nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate scenic landscapes. The proximity to the Schoolhouse Nine Golf Course adds a unique recreational amenity, making it a desirable location for golf lovers. Additionally, the small-town atmosphere of Sperryville, with its local breweries, art galleries, and proximity to Shenandoah National Park, offers a peaceful yet culturally rich lifestyle.  
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