Luray Police Department protects the people and property of Page County.

Nesbitt Realty enjoys working for first responders from Luray Police Department.

Luray Police Department is located at 45 E Main St, Luray. They are a dedicated team of professionals committed to the safety of their citizens by reducing crime through excellence in preventative, investigative and enforcement services to ensure the Town of Luray is a safe and desirable place to live, work or visit. They also strive for excellence to provide the best in police services while setting a standard for leadership that others can follow. One way they exemplify this is the "Call-Care" program for handicapped or elderly citizens. Registered citizens will receive regular telephone calls from the police department to check on their well-being.
Our agents are experienced professionals who value the difficult job that first responders do. If you need us, we can help you find the best home at the right price.


Often in this area, it’s cheaper for a first-responder to buy than to rent—especially if Nesbitt Realty pays the cash at settlement. When you're a police, fire or EMS officer, one of your greatest challenges will be your funds to close. But there is some excellent news, Nesbitt Realty can help with your closing costs. Talk to one of our agents about how Nesbitt Realty can rebate a portion of our commission to you. Not to mention, when you buy and list a home with Nesbitt Realty, we can save you even more money.

During the sales process, Nesbitt Realty will endeavor to make everything as easy as can be.

Nesbitt Realty is an expert in property in Page County quickly and at the highest possible price. In order to ensure a timely sale, yourn appreciative real estate professional from Nesbitt Realty understands the importance of pricing your real estate properly. Your real estate pro knows if you price too high, you take the chance of missing out on potential buyers. If you underprice, you risk of losing out on a lot of money. Your real estate pro has the experience to advise you on this important decision. Your Realtor can also help you to ensure that critical details are taken care of. Your Realtor will explain out where you should invest and when you can leave well enough alone. [Learn more about selling]

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