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National Landing Farmers Market is located at Metropolitan Park, 1330 S Fair Street in Arlington Virginia. The market opens on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. They showcase a wide variety of food and specialty items from meat & eggs, to produce, pickles, and hot breakfast sandwiches.
National Landing Farmers Market is found in a nice section of Arlington. Find the area that's best for you with a closeby farmers' market around Crystal City?
The area offers a plethora of modern condominiums, catering to young professionals and those seeking a low-maintenance urban lifestyle. In addition, it also features charming townhouses and row homes, offering more space and a residential neighborhood feel while still being close to the farmers market and other amenities. These properties often boast modern designs, updated interiors, and private outdoor spaces. Single-family homes are ideal for families or individuals seeking more space and a suburban setting while still enjoying the convenience of the market and the city.  


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