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Luray-Page County Farmers Market is located at Allegheny Power Parking Lot on Mechanic St, Luray.
Luray-Page County Farmers Market is situated in a great enclave of Page County. Find the real estate that's perfect for you with a nearby farmers' market in Page County?
The area's real estate market consists of various property types, ranging from historic homes to more modern residences. These properties often feature spacious acreage, ideal for agricultural pursuits, gardening, or simply enjoying the scenic countryside. Luray also boasts a collection of charming single-family homes, ideal for families or individuals seeking a more suburban lifestyle. These properties offer a sense of community and are often conveniently located near schools, parks, and local amenities. In recent years, the area has seen some newer residential developments, presenting modern housing options, including energy-efficient homes and upscale townhouses.


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