A good mortgage broker like OneMain Financial can be a resource for securing funding for a home purchase in Harrisonburg.

Our family real estate business has a real estate agent who can explain the advantages and potential problems of using a mortgage broker.

OneMain Financial is the leader in offering nonprime customers responsible access to credit. The team helps customers meet critical financial needs, including debt consolidation, home and auto repair, medical procedures, and other major expenses. The Lender is located at 1719 S High St, Harrisonburg. Our Realtors are able to provide real estate guidance to folks in Harrisonburg. If you have specific inquiries regarding OneMain Financial, our real estate agents are local experts. Meaning, we are happy to answer questions about communities, commutes, property management and real estate matters. If your inquiries are regarding the inner workings or practices of OneMain Financial, we will mostly likely only point you to other resources.


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