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The Workhouse Arts Center is a bastion of artistic expression situated at 9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton, VA 22079. It is a massive adaptive reuse project which re-purposes the former Lorton Prison into a remarkable arts centre that provides 100 visual arts exhibitions in 12 gallery spaces, 300 performances,  800 classes in visual arts, performing arts, culinary, and Art of Movement, and supports the art and studios of 85 professional artists. The Workhouse also provides several large-scale community events including Workhouse Brewfest, Workhouse Fireworks, and an annual Haunted Trail. They also have a Lucy Burns Museum that honours 91 years of Prison History and the story of the imprisonment of the suffragists at the Workhouse.


Of course, art galleries and theaters infrequently but every now and then increase real estate values in this neighborhood. Your Nesbitt Realty licensed real estate adviser can lay it all out if you wonder why. Naturally, even when galleries and play houses drive up real estate prices , it's not by a lot. Accordingly, what's vital is whether proximity to the arts is important to you.

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