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Prince William Little Theatre is located at 10960 George Mason Cir, Manassas. It provides quality local community theater since 1985. They provide quality community theater productions (musicals, plays, drama, comedy, and one-act performances) several times a year as well as fundraisers. Since 2010, they have performed at the Gregory Family Theater in the Hylton Performing Arts Center at the George Mason University Campus located in Manassas, Virginia, Prince William County. They have won several accolades including the Washington Area Theatre Community Honors (WATCH) awards, NVTA One Act Festival Awards, and Virginia Theatre Association awards.
Would you like to shop homes near the Prince William Little Theatre in Prince William County? A real estate professional from Nesbitt Realty understands the value of the arts.


Naturally, theater and the art museums rarely but now and then increase real estate values in this enclave. Your Nesbitt Realty agent can explain everything if you care. As a matter of course, even when galleries and play houses drive up real estate prices , it's not by a lot. Accordingly, what's vital is whether proximity to the arts is necessary to you.

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