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Fairlington Art Studios offers classes, workshops, and art camps. It is located at Fairlington Community Center, 3808 S. Stafford Street, Arlington. The Fairlington Art Studios also has a fee reduction program aimed at assisting those with a lower income to participate in the Parks & Recreation programs. Additionally, they provide reasonable modifications for people with disabilities.
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The real estate options around the vicinity are diverse, catering to a range of preferences and lifestyles. One can find charming historic homes, including mid-century townhouses and cottages that exude character and uniqueness. Additionally, there are modern condominiums and apartments that offer contemporary living spaces. The tree-lined streets, well-kept parks, and green spaces contribute to a tranquil living environment, perfect for those seeking a balance between city conveniences and a quieter lifestyle. Within walking distance, there are restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Residents can also find grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essentials within easy reach.


Yes, the arts and cultural sites rarely but from time to time increase real estate values in this place. Your Nesbitt Realty Realtor can go into details if you care. As a matter of course, even when theater and the art museums drive up real estate prices , it's not by a lot. Therefore, what's important is whether proximity to the arts is essential to you.

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