Comparing Value Based Upon The Average Price Per Square Foot In McLean

Are You Shopping For No Less Than 1,792 Sqft Of Condo in 22102 in Fairfax County?

If you are a purchaser that believes the amount of living area that a condo has is an important consideration, then you are pretty typical. Besides, a buyer on rare occaisions completely ignores the amount of living area in a property. Depending upon your pre-approved price limit, you may want to reflect on 1800 Old Meadow Rd #405, McLean VA which is listed for $543,000. Photo of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #405 Continue reading

1800 Old Meadow Rd #710, McLean Real Estate Announcement

A Primer On Condos Listed In Fairfax County

750 Sqft of Living Space in 22102 For $649,000?

Nesbitt Realty , a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA. tells us that 1800 Old Meadow Rd #710, McLean VA is a surprising small opportunity at $649,000. But, compare this to the average square feet (750) of properties in Regency At McLean to get a sense of today's market. Continue reading

Fairfax County Real Estate Report

Real estate inventory data, what's sold and facts about Fairfax County real estate as of 05/27/2024

Are you considering purchasing real estate in Fairfax County? Yes, it's an intelligent idea to learn more about Fairfax County real estate. If so, you will probably be amazed by what is happening in Fairfax County real estate. See below for more information about the current state of the Fairfax County real estate market, including
  • real estate inventory data,
  • what's recently sold in Fairfax County, and
  • facts about Fairfax County real estate.
Our agents are happy to serve your Fairfax County real estate needs. Continue reading

1800 Old Meadow Rd #1519, McLean VA 22102 Listed

Some Points About Homes On The Market In Fairfax County

1800 Old Meadow Rd #1519 is just listed and looks like a good buy in many ways. But it's not important to Nesbitt Realty that our client purchases this property, or any particular large home in 22102. Rather, it's more important to our agents that we do what's most compatible for our client. It's a smart idea to sort out your priorities:
  1. What do you absolutely need from your property?
  2. What would be nice if you could find it?

Your Nesbitt Realty agent would love to talk through your options. A few of the issues to sort through:

The highest priced place of residence in the neighborhood is listed for $459,900. Do you know if 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1519 is a good value? Do you want the most expensive dwelling in the section, like 3150-J Covewood Ct #3150j or do you prefer the least expensive home like 3150-J Covewood Ct #3150j. Do public schools matter to you? 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1519 is served by Westlawn Elementary School and . Continue reading

1800 Old Meadow Rd #405, McLean Real Estate Dispatch

Shenandoah Valley Real Estate Update: in the NOVA region 22102 ↔ $550,000

Should you lose sleep over purchasing a home like 1800 Old Meadow Rd #405 in the McLean area? You could pay too much for the condo. Conversely, Stuart Nesbitt can arrange for a licensed appraiser to make sure you don't pay more than fair market value. Further, there will be dangers to manage and overcome.  Still, a real estate whiz like Stuart can advise you to avoid most of the problems  associated with buying a property in 22102 in McLean. Continue reading

What Makes McLean, Virginia a Desirable Place to Live?

Exploring the Charm and Community of McLean, Virginia

Located in Fairfax County, McLean is renowned for its high standard of living, excellent schools, and proximity to Washington D.C. This community combines the serenity of suburban life with the conveniences of city living, making it one of the most sought-after locations in Northern Virginia.

The Regency At McLean, situated at 1800 Old Meadow Rd #710, exemplifies the upscale living experience typical of this area. The property’s average days on market is 118, reflecting a stable market with enduring appeal. The community is known for its spacious layouts and a host of amenities that cater to a luxurious lifestyle.

Highlight Property: 1800 Old Meadow Rd #710, McLean, VA

1800 Old Meadow Rd #710 offers a glimpse into the sophisticated living standards in McLean. This traditional condo, priced at $649,000, provides 1,702 square feet of living space at $381 per square foot, featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Its mid-20th-century architecture blends timeless elegance with modern comforts, making it an ideal choice for discerning buyers.

Photo of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #710

Residents of the Regency At McLean enjoy exceptional amenities including a gated entry, 24-hour security, a fitness center, and a pool, all set within beautifully maintained grounds. Its proximity to Tysons Corner, the Capital One Plaza, and major transportation routes enhances its appeal as a conveniently located haven.

Your McLean Real Estate Expert: John Newsome

John Newsome is your go-to expert for all things real estate in McLean. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the local market, John can guide you through the intricacies of buying or selling in this prestigious community. Contact him at (703)765-0300 for a personalized consultation.

John Newsome

Why Choose Regency At McLean?

The Regency At McLean stands out for its luxurious approach to community living, offering spacious homes with high-end finishes and expansive views. Its strategic location provides easy access to the region's best shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as seamless connectivity to the nation's capital.

Exclusive Benefits with Nesbitt Realty

Choosing Nesbitt Realty means not only finding your dream home but also enjoying significant savings and exceptional service. For example, buyers purchasing this property with us could qualify for a rebate of $3,721. We value each client and are dedicated to providing unparalleled real estate services in Northern Virginia.

Insights for Homebuyers in McLean

When looking for a home in McLean, consider properties like those at Regency At McLean for their investment potential and quality of life. Check for amenities that match your lifestyle and ensure the property is well-connected to major roads and public transport to enhance your living experience.

This article has offered a snapshot of what it’s like to live in McLean, Virginia, highlighting the community of Regency At McLean as an example of the luxurious living spaces available in this prestigious area.

Is McLean, Virginia the Ideal Place for Your New Home?

Exploring the Living Benefits and Attractions of McLean

McLean, located in Fairfax County, Virginia, is renowned for its upscale communities and proximity to Washington D.C., offering residents a blend of suburban tranquility and city convenience. This post will delve into the lifestyle benefits of McLean, focusing on the well-established community of Regency At McLean.

Overview of Regency At McLean

Regency At McLean, known for its strategic location and comprehensive amenities, exemplifies the appeal of McLean living. Despite an average market presence of 118 days, its properties, such as the condos at 1800 Old Meadow Rd, cater to diverse needs with sizes around 1,374 square feet and an average price of $329 per square foot. The community offers units ranging from $239,000 to $695,000, ensuring options for various buyer budgets.

Feature Spotlight: 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516

1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516 represents the accessible segment of the Regency At McLean market. Priced at $375,000 for 938 square feet, this condo offers a traditional unit/flat layout ideal for singles or couples looking for efficient, stylish living.

Photo of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516

Property Details of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516

This one-bedroom, one-bath condo offers a glimpse into the luxury lifestyle of McLean. It boasts high-end appliances, modern renovations, and exclusive building amenities such as 24-hour security, concierge services, and leisure facilities including pools and tennis courts. Its location ensures residents enjoy quick access to Tysons Corner, local parks, and major transportation hubs, enhancing daily convenience and quality of life.

Get Expert Guidance from John Newsome

Contact John Newsome at (703)765-0300 for more information or to schedule a viewing of this property. His local expertise will help you navigate the McLean real estate market effectively.

John Newsome

Exclusive Benefits of Choosing Nesbitt Realty

Purchasing through Nesbitt Realty not only ensures expert advice but also offers financial benefits. Buyers like those purchasing 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516 could receive a rebate of $1,535, adding incredible value to their investment.

Important Buying Tips for McLean Home Seekers

When considering a home in McLean, prioritize properties like those in Regency At McLean that offer both luxury amenities and strategic location advantages. Understanding the local market dynamics and the specific features of communities such as Regency At McLean can greatly influence your purchasing decisions, ensuring you find a home that meets both your budget and lifestyle needs.

This article has provided a detailed overview of what it's like to live in one of McLean's desirable communities, highlighting the amenities, lifestyle, and real estate opportunities available to prospective homeowners.

Why Consider Regency At McLean for Your Next Home in Fairfax County?

Explore the Lifestyle and Real Estate of Regency At McLean

Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, McLean is a community that offers a high standard of living with close proximity to Washington, D.C. This post explores the amenities, lifestyle, and real estate options in the Regency at McLean, focusing particularly on the condominium at 1800 Old Meadow Rd #110. Whether you're looking for luxury amenities or convenient access to the capital, this community might be perfect for you.

Regency At McLean Community Overview

Regency At McLean is known for its well-appointed amenities and strategic location. With an average market presence of 131 days, properties here are designed to offer comfort and luxury. The community features an average living area of 1,436 sq ft and an average price per square foot of $334. The pricing ranges notably with the most luxurious property listed at 1800 Old Meadow Rd #701 for $975,000, and the most affordable at 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516 for $239,000, showing a dynamic range suited to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Property Highlight: 1800 Old Meadow Rd #110

The featured property, 1800 Old Meadow Rd #110, is a traditionally styled condo priced at $550,000. This mid-20th-century home spans 1,702 sq ft, costing about $323 per square foot. It includes 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths, making it a spacious option for families or professionals seeking room to grow.

Photo of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #110

The Regency at McLean offers a host of amenities including a 24-hour security gate, swimming pool, and adjacent fitness facilities. It's walking distance to the Metro, providing easy access to the broader D.C. area and Tysons Corner Mall. The unit itself features a unique patio, indoor parking, and spacious interiors. Whether you’re looking for a secure and convenient place to live or an investment opportunity, this property presents a compelling option.

Local Amenities and Transportation

McLean residents enjoy proximity to various parks and recreational areas. The Regency is next to One Fitness Gym and walking distance from the Metro, making it ideal for commuters. It’s also near major roads like the Capital Beltway, which provides quick access to Washington, D.C., and surrounding communities. Nearby Tysons Corner offers extensive shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Comparative Market Analysis

When considering other properties in the McLean area around the same price point as 1800 Old Meadow Rd #110, here are some comparable listings:

Meet John Newsome

If you have any questions or need further information, John Newsome is available to assist with all your real estate needs. Contact him at (703)765-0300.

John Newsome

Why Choose Nesbitt Realty?

Nesbitt Realty understands the Northern Virginia real estate market inside and out. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Local expertise and extensive market knowledge.
  • Access to the MRIS, Homes Database, and other professional resources.
  • Committed to excellence and personalized service.

If you're considering buying at Regency At McLean or anywhere in Fairfax County, using Nesbitt Realty could net you a rebate of $2,901, which can help reduce your closing costs.

Renting Tips for Prospective Tenants in McLean

If you're considering renting in McLean or specifically in the Regency at McLean, here are a few tips:

  • Review the lease agreement thoroughly to understand your rights and responsibilities.
  • Consider the length of the lease and your long-term plans to ensure it’s a good fit.
  • Check out the community amenities personally to see if they meet your expectations.

This overview of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #110 at Regency At McLean offers a glimpse into the benefits of living in this vibrant Fairfax County community. With its strategic location, comprehensive amenities, and range of available properties, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a home in Northern Virginia.

Explore the Enchantment of Regency At McLean in Fairfax County

Uncover the Charms of Fairfax County, Virginia

Discover the allure of Fairfax County, Virginia, boasting top-rated schools and a thriving community atmosphere. With renowned educational institutions like Langley High School and Cooper Middle School, residents of Regency At McLean enjoy access to exceptional educational opportunities.

Regency At McLean features an average days on market of 146 days, reflecting a stable real estate market. With an average living area of 1,330 square feet and an average price per square foot of $325, Regency At McLean offers residents spacious living accommodations in a sought-after location.

Delving into 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516: A Serene Retreat

Embark on a journey of luxury living at 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516, a traditional condo in Regency At McLean. Boasting 1 bedroom and 1 full bathroom, this meticulously maintained unit offers comfort and convenience.

Photo of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1516

Meet John Newsome: Your Trusted Real Estate Advisor

Rely on John Newsome for expert guidance and personalized assistance in finding your dream home in Regency At McLean. With extensive knowledge of the local market and a commitment to client satisfaction, John is dedicated to helping you navigate the Fairfax County real estate landscape. Contact John today at (703)765-0300 for unparalleled service and support.

Buyers who choose Nesbitt Realty for their real estate needs can benefit from a rebate of $1,535. Nesbitt Realty is a small-family owned business committed to providing exceptional service and expertise in Fairfax County.

Insider Tips for Renters

When considering renting in the Regency At McLean community, prioritize units with desirable amenities and convenient access to local attractions. Consult with a trusted advisor like John Newsome to explore available options and find the perfect rental property to suit your needs.

In summary, Regency At McLean offers residents a blend of luxury living and convenience in the heart of Fairfax County, Virginia. With access to top-notch amenities and a prime location near major roadways and public transportation, Regency At McLean presents an ideal opportunity for those seeking upscale urban living.


What Makes McLean, Virginia, an Ideal Place for Your Next Home?

Insights into McLean’s Premier Lifestyle and Real Estate

McLean, situated in Fairfax County, Virginia, epitomizes upscale living with its serene landscapes, high-end shopping centers, and proximity to the nation’s capital. This community is known for its excellent educational institutions, including the highly regarded McLean High School and Langley High School, which consistently rank among the top in the state for academic achievement. The Regency At McLean condominium complex, located at 1800 Old Meadow Rd, offers residents luxurious living options within this coveted area.

The Regency At McLean enjoys a vibrant market with an average days on market of 114 days. Units here range in size, with an average living area of 1,372 square feet and an average price per square foot of $359. The condominium complex offers a variety of amenities, including a gated entrance, reserved parking, and proximity to the McLean Metro station, Interstate 495, and Route 123, facilitating easy access to Tysons Corner Mall and the greater Washington, D.C., area.

The featured property, 1800 Old Meadow Rd #116, showcases the traditional architectural style prevalent in mid-20th-century design. Listed at $850,000 for its 916 square feet of living space, it represents a unique opportunity in the McLean real estate market. This condominium is notable for its high price per square foot of $928, highlighting the premium living experience it offers. More information about this property can be found at 1800 Old Meadow Rd #116.

Photo of 1800 Old Meadow Rd #116

Units #114 and #116 at the Regency At McLean must be sold together, offering a combined 2,200 square feet of versatile space. These units have been completely remodeled and can serve both residential and commercial purposes with appropriate county permits. This flexibility, along with all-inclusive utilities and premium location, makes them particularly attractive for professionals like doctors, lawyers, and financial counselors seeking an elite address.

Comparables in the price range include 1800 Old Meadow Rd #1512 - 1513 listed at $875,000, and 1800 Old Meadow Rd #114 at $850,000, providing prospective buyers with a variety of options within the Regency At McLean complex.

For further inquiries, John Newsome is available to assist. Contact us at (703)765-0300 for more information or to view properties similar to 1800 Old Meadow Rd #116.

Connect with John Newsome

John Newsome

Buyers who choose Nesbitt Realty for their purchase at Regency At McLean can expect a rebate of $5,274. Our dedication to excellence and deep knowledge of Northern Virginia’s real estate market ensure our clients find the perfect home.

When buying in McLean, consider the community’s amenities, the property’s proximity to essential services and transportation networks, and the potential for property value appreciation. This article highlights the unique living experience offered by the Regency At McLean, providing valuable insights for those considering making McLean their home.