2059 Huntington Ave #915, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement

2 Bedroom Condo in 22303 in Alexandria For $280,000

Should you make an offer purchase 2059 Huntington Ave #915? It could be. However, you have to ask yourself these questions. Are you dreaming about a $280,000 condo in 22303 in Alexandria? Can you afford $280,000? Is it actually worth $355,000 or $245,000? Do you need 2 full baths and 0 half baths? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $912 on this real estate purchase? If you have questions about 2059 Huntington Ave #915, or the real estate market in 22303, email Nesbitt Realty , a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA. today. Continue reading

2059 Huntington #1404, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement

in the area near and inside the Beltway 22303 ⁞ $200,000

2059 Huntington #1404 is an interesting home with a lot of potential. But it's not important to Andrew Patton that you purchase this residence, or any particular Contemporary home in 22303 in Alexandria. It's more important to Andrew Patton that you do what's ideal for you. What are your needs? What are your wants? It's a good idea to sort out your priorities.

It's hard to know what's best for another person, But it's easy for you to say what's best for yourself.

What type of heating system do you prefer? Electric? Maybe you like natural gas or the warmth of an oil furnace? The most typical heating system in this section is forced air. Do you want the most expensive condo in the neighborhood, like 2505 Massey Ct or do you prefer the least expensive property like 2059 Huntington Ave #411. Do you prefer hardwood floors? Do you prefer carpet or ceramic? Maybe floors aren't a big concern for you. Continue reading

Modest 1-Bedroom Selections For Purchaser Trying To Find A Residence Close To Huntington Metro Stop?

If you're considering real estate in Alexandria and your budget is circa $225,000, here are some modest selections to choose from. Photo of 2059 Huntington Ave #904 Let's start with 2059 Huntington Ave #904 Alexandria VA. This slate of residences starts with a 850 sqft. condo with 1 full baths and 0 half baths. Continue reading