Pursuing A Modest 2 Bedroom Property For Roughly $250,000

Definitely, you can find a modest 2 bedroom place of residence for roughly $250,000 in Northern Virginia. But there are only a limited number of budget residences in The City of Alexandria. Perhaps one of them is the right home for you. If it's not 309 Yoakum Pkwy #1411, then it might be one of the properties listed below. The number of U.S. households is expected to rise 10 to 15 percent over the next decade. Thus, Julie Nesbitt advises, "The increase in U.S. households will create continued high demand for housing, which will of course affect the price of real estate in Alexandria." Continue reading

203 Yoakum Pkwy #1818, Alexandria VA 22304 For Sale

What Kind Of Home Can I Get In 22304 For $250,000?

Is there anything to worry about if you're buying a $250,000 1-bedroom property like 203 Yoakum Pkwy #1818 in Alexandria, Virginia? Possibly, you don't know anything about resale value. But, an expert in 22304 in the City of Alexandria real estate like Andrew Patton can help you understand the benefits and risks of buying in Alexandria, Virginia. Besides, there are always risks in 22304 in Alexandria real estate.  In contrast, a trusted specialist like Andrew can help you to manage or avoid many of the pitfalls  associated with buying a place of residence in 22304 in Alexandria. Continue reading