3631 Kemper Rd, Arlington VA 22206 On The Market

Would You Pay $515,000 For A Small 2-Bedroom Residence In Arlington, Virginia?

Desiring At Least 839 Sqft Of Duplex In 22206 For Less Than $550,000?

Depending upon your price range, you might want to look at this place at 3631 Kemper Rd which is selling for $515,000. Nevertheless, the average living area of residences in Fort Barnard Heights is 884 sqft. Continue reading

Comparing Value Based Upon The Average Price Per Square Foot In Arlington?

Small Home At 3726 Kemper Rd Available For $539,900

If you are a shopper that believes the amount of living area that a duplex has is important, then you are pretty typical. Not to mention, a buyer infrequently completely ignores the amount of living area in a property. Julie tells us that, depending upon your pre-approved price limit, you might want to take into account this duplex at 3726 Kemper Rd is for sale for $539,900. Continue reading

Surprising Inputs For Buyers Searching For A 3 Bedroom End Unit Townhouse For Approximately $550,000

As might be expected, you can find a 3 bedroom end unit townhouse for approximately $550,000 in Northern Virginia. But there are only a limited number of premium homes in Arlington. Possibly one of them is the ideal home for you. If it's not 3610 24th Rd S, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Not to mention, real estate has proven to have a long-term, stable growth in value. Continue reading