What Makes Arlington, VA an Ideal Place for Homebuyers?

Exploring the Community and Market of Arlington, Virginia

Arlington, Virginia, is a vibrant community known for its convenient location and rich historical backdrop. This urban county is home to numerous shopping destinations including the popular Pentagon City and the upscale Market Common Clarendon, offering residents and visitors a mix of high-end retailers and local boutiques. Arlington's strategic location is complemented by its easy access to Washington D.C., making it a prime area for professionals. The community of Munsons Addition, where 3620 N Kensington St is located, embodies the charm and sophistication of Arlington with its well-appointed homes and amenities.

Real Estate Overview in Munsons Addition

The real estate market in Munsons Addition is active, with homes averaging 32 days on the market. The community features a range of properties with an average living area of 1,689 square feet and an average price per square foot of $559. From luxurious estates like 3612 N Glebe Rd priced at $7,000,000, to more modestly priced homes like 2107 27th St S at $2,200, Munsons Addition offers a diverse range of living options. The community not only boasts significant architectural variety but also offers amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Spotlight on 3620 N Kensington St, Arlington, VA

3620 N Kensington St is a standout recently-built property in Munsons Addition, offering a blend of colonial and contemporary design across its 4,991 square foot layout. Priced at $2,799,999, this home features seven bedrooms, seven full baths, and one half bath, reflecting a luxurious living standard. Its modern amenities and large, open spaces make it perfect for both living and entertaining. Detailed information about this property can be found here.

Photo of 3620 N Kensington St

High-End Residences Comparable to 3620 N Kensington St

Exploring properties similar in price to 3620 N Kensington St, potential buyers can find several options:

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Buyer's Guide to Arlington, VA

When considering a home in Arlington, VA, focus on the long-term potential of the property, proximity to essential services, and community amenities. Local public transportation options like the Metro provide convenient access to the D.C. area, enhancing property value and lifestyle convenience. This article has highlighted the robust real estate market and community offerings of Arlington, specifically in Munsons Addition.

What Are the Advantages of Living in Arlington, Virginia?

Discover Arlington’s Rich History and Thriving Community

Arlington County, Virginia, seamlessly blends a rich historical backdrop with a vibrant modern lifestyle. Known for landmarks like the Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon, Arlington is also home to bustling neighborhoods that offer a variety of community resources. One such neighborhood is George Mason Village, located at 1501 S George Mason Dr S #23. This area offers easy access to local amenities, including parks, schools, and shopping centers, making it a sought-after location for residents.

George Mason Village: A Snapshot

George Mason Village stands out with its efficient market dynamics, where properties average 59 days on the market. This indicates a steady demand for homes in the area. The average living space in the community is 687 square feet, with a price per square foot of $362. George Mason Village offers both affordability and convenience, with the most notable listing being 1501 S George Mason Dr S #23, which ranges from $245,000 to $250,000 for a one-bedroom unit. Residents here enjoy amenities like a swimming pool, picnic areas, and proximity to essential services.

Spotlight on 1501 S George Mason Dr S #23

This charming one-bedroom condo at 1501 S George Mason Dr S #23 offers an appealing blend of comfort and convenience for $250,000. Covering an area of 687 square feet, the unit is priced at $364 per square foot. It features new upgrades such as fresh paint, carpet, and modern kitchen appliances. The condo also includes a spacious balcony that provides stunning views of the surroundings. For more information, visit 1501 S George Mason Dr S #23.

Photo of 1501 S George Mason Dr S #23

Similar Properties in Arlington

Exploring options within a similar price range offers potential buyers insights into what they might expect to find in the Arlington market:

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Insights for Buyers in Arlington

Prospective buyers in Arlington should consider proximity to Metro stations and essential amenities. The area's rich historical significance and community-oriented atmosphere provide a unique living experience. This article has highlighted features of George Mason Village and other similar properties, illustrating the diverse options available in Arlington.

What Makes Arlington’s Neighborhoods Ideal for Your Next Home?

Explore the Vibrant Community of Clarendon 1021, Arlington

This post offers an insightful overview of Arlington, Virginia, spotlighting the Clarendon 1021 community. Known for its rich history and strategic location, Arlington provides a robust living experience with easy access to cultural landmarks, bustling nightlife, and extensive public transport systems. Clarendon 1021 exemplifies the convenience and quality of life this county offers.

A Glimpse into Arlington's History and Modern Living

Arlington, known for its significant historical sites and modern urban lifestyle, offers residents a unique living experience. Clarendon 1021 is situated in the heart of Arlington and is celebrated for its swift market movement, with properties averaging only 14 days on the market. This community offers a diverse range of properties, with the average living area around 832 square feet and pricing at $691 per square foot. The amenities and lifestyle in Clarendon 1021 add significant value to its residences, enhancing the appeal of living in Arlington.

Featured Property: 1021 N Garfield St #118, Arlington, VA

The highlighted property, 1021 N Garfield St #118, is an ideally located traditional condo that exemplifies modern living. Priced at $425,000 with a size of 638 square feet, this property offers a luxurious living space at an affordable price. Detailed information can be found here.

Photo of 1021 N Garfield St #118

Living in Clarendon 1021

Clarendon 1021 is not only about stylish living spaces but also offers incredible amenities such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, rooftop pool, and social rooms that host numerous community events. Its strategic location provides residents with unmatched accessibility to Arlington's rich array of shops, restaurants, and parks. The property's features, including advanced security systems and dedicated parking, make it an appealing choice for potential homebuyers.

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Take advantage of significant rebates when you purchase through Nesbitt Realty. For example, buying a property like 1021 N Garfield St #118 could qualify you for a rebate of $1,904. Learn more about how our team appreciates every client and provides personalized services here.

Essential Tips for Home Sellers in Arlington

If you're considering selling your home in Arlington, focus on presenting your property well, pricing competitively, and leveraging local market trends to attract potential buyers. Partnering with an experienced realtor like John Newsome can enhance your listing's visibility and expedite the selling process.

In summary, Clarendon 1021 represents the best of Arlington's dynamic real estate market, offering both luxury and convenience. This community's rapid sales, comprehensive amenities, and proximity to essential services underscore the high quality of life that potential residents can enjoy.

Is Arlington, Virginia the Right Community for You?

Insights into Arlington County's Living Benefits

Discover the unique features of Arlington, Virginia, a community known for its strategic location and vibrant lifestyle. Arlington is not just close to the capital but also rich in amenities, including extensive parks, top-notch schools, and a thriving arts scene. This article will delve into what makes living in Arlington, particularly in the Carlyle House community, a wise choice for potential residents.

About Carlyle House in Arlington

Carlyle House in Arlington is marked by its active real estate scene, with properties averaging just 32 days on the market. The homes in this community offer an average living space of 1,699 square feet at an average price of $566 per square foot. The most notable listings include the high-end property at 3612 N Glebe Rd for $7,000,000 and the more accessible 2107 27th St S at $2,850. Carlyle House offers a range of amenities that underscore the community's appeal and the benefits of living in this part of Arlington.

Spotlight on 5300 Columbia Pike #403, Arlington, VA

The featured property, 5300 Columbia Pike #403, is a contemporary condominium priced at $299,900. Located in the heart of Arlington's Carlyle House, this condo provides an excellent example of the area's real estate offerings. For more details, visit 5300 Columbia Pike #403.

Photo of 5300 Columbia Pike #403

Living in Carlyle House: A Blend of Comfort and Convenience

Experience the best of urban living at 5300 Columbia Pike #403, Arlington. This condo combines modern comforts with accessibility, featuring an open layout, updated kitchen appliances, and a spacious balcony. Residents enjoy amenities such as a fitness center, tennis courts, and a pool, along with proximity to local shopping and dining options, parks, and transportation facilities for an effortless commute to Washington D.C.

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Home Buying Tips for Arlington Newcomers

If you're considering purchasing a home in Arlington, it's crucial to consider factors such as proximity to schools, community facilities, and public transportation. Understanding the local real estate market and neighborhood dynamics can help ensure you find a home that meets your needs and investment criteria.

In summary, Arlington offers a diverse range of properties, from high-end estates to more affordable family homes, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a bustling community or a tranquil retreat, Arlington's neighborhoods, including Carlyle House, provide a unique blend of both.

What Makes Arlington, Virginia a Coveted Place to Live?

Discover the Charms and Amenities of Arlington County

In the heart of Arlington County, Virginia, residents enjoy a blend of urban and suburban living, with easy access to Washington, D.C., and a variety of local amenities that enhance the quality of life. From its renowned parks to vibrant community events, Arlington offers a dynamic environment that caters to a diverse population. If you're considering making Arlington your home, understanding specific communities like Fostoria can provide deeper insight into what to expect when moving to this bustling area.

Community Focus: Fostoria, Arlington

The Fostoria community in Arlington is characterized by its brisk real estate market, with properties averaging 32 days on the market. The community features homes with an average living area of 1,699 square feet and an average price per square foot of $566. Property values range significantly, highlighted by the high-end 3612 N Glebe Rd listed at $7,000,000 and more modestly priced homes like 2107 27th St S starting at $2,850.

Property Spotlight: 6000 16th St N, Arlington, VA

One of the standout properties currently on the market in the Fostoria community is 6000 16th St N. This newly-built transitional home boasts 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, and is priced at $2,195,000. More details can be found on its listing page: 6000 16th St N.

Photo of 6000 16th St N

Living in Fostoria: Amenities and Lifestyle

Welcome to your new home in the prestigious Westover/Fostoria neighborhood of Arlington, nestled within the Cardinal/Swanson/Yorktown School pyramid. This property represents the pinnacle of luxury and convenience in North Arlington, mere blocks from local shopping, dining, and schools, ensuring a lifestyle that is both affluent and accessible.

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Buying a Home in Arlington: What You Need to Know

Considering a home in Arlington means more than just buying property; it's investing in a lifestyle. Ensure you consider the local schools, community amenities, and accessibility to major transportation routes to fully appreciate what Arlington has to offer. By choosing the right home, you are not just investing in property, but also in your future.

In summary, Arlington offers a diverse range of properties, from high-end estates to more affordable family homes, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a bustling community or a tranquil retreat, Arlington's neighborhoods, including Fostoria, provide a unique blend of both.