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Fairfax has a lot to love

Fairfax has long been a Northern Virginia favorite for a number of reasons.  Great schools, shopping, strong job market, and safe neighborhoods have kept steady residents.  Fairfax is home to George Mason University and top producing public schools.  The county has launched major projects to revive its historic district with great success and the economic vitality is strong as a result.  There are a number of places to choose from if you’re in search of a new home. heart

I like that it is minutes away from George Mason University.  Students will find this helpful when trying to save money and avoid hefty parking and commuting cost.  Fairfax has had a long reputation for good schools and strong jobs.  I like that it has a unique mix of old and new homes.  You can tell that the city has evolved to accommodate its commuters by adding public transportation with buses and commuter stations to access the metro.

The city itself seems to have easy access to grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, and gas stations.  I had an opportunity to ride around the area and I must admit that I felt safe.   That is always a nice feature when selecting a neighborhood to live in.  I saw plenty of families walking down the streets enjoying the beautiful weather.  It’s the kind of city that has a lot to offer and a lot to love.

What Schools Have the Highest Ratings in Northern VA?

Based on several local surveys and performance reviews, here are the schools in Northern Virginia that have been recognized as the cream of the crop when it comes to quality education:

According to a Washington Post article, the following are the Top 5 elementary schools in Northern Virginia:

  1. McKinley Elementary
  2. School Vision: “The McKinley community envisions a strong and nurturing learning environment in which students demonstrate respect for self and others. Students meet established performance standards focusing on learning core subjects. The students have a variety of experiences that broaden their views of the world.”

    McKinley Elementary is located in North McKinley Road, Arlington, Virginia. It ranks on the top spot of top rating schools in Northern Virginia, because 79% of the school’s students rated as “advanced” (the highest among three levels). The rating was determined through a series of state tests.

  3. Key Center School
  4. School Vision: “Key Center School creates an educational climate where diversity and individuality are celebrated and respected, and where all staff continually strive to maximize the potential of each student through increasingly higher expectations.”

    Springfield City of Fairfax County is home to Key Center School, which ranks second on the list with 77% of its students in the “advanced” level (jumping from 64% in a span of five years).

  5. Churchill Road Elementary
  6. McLean, Virginia – along Churchill Road – is the location of Churchill Road Elementary, the elementary school snagging the third spot on the list with a rating of a 77% (from 55% in 2003).

  7. Greenbriar West Elementary
  8. Greenbriar West Elementary is located at Poplar Tree Road in the Chantilly Area of Fairfax County Virginia. It ranks 4th even as it shows a significant leap in its ratings from 47% in 2003 to 77% five years later.

  9. Louise Archer Elementary
  10. Located in Nutley Street, Vienna, Virginia, Louise Archer Elementary completes the top 5 list belting a 76% rating from 2003’s 64%.

According to a performance review done by Northern Virginia Magazine, the following are the Top 5 high schools in Northern Virginia:

  1. Thomas Jefferson High School – located in Alexandria, Virginia
  2. Langley High School – located in Mclean, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  3. McLean High School – located in Mclean, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  4. George Mason High School – located in Falls Church, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  5. W.T. Woodson High School – located in Fairfax, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.