Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run is located at 6310 Georgetown Pike in McLean, VA 22101.
The mission of the park now known as Claude Moore Colonial Farm is to recreate the life of 1771 tenant farmers. The vast majority of Virginians in 1771 were tenant farmers who grew tobacco to pay their rent and food to eat.

Originally named the Turkey Run Farm when it opened in the early 1970s as a National Park Service operation, Claude Moore Colonial Farm was renamed for a local land developer named Claude Moore. Mr. Moore’s large bequest at the time of his death allowed the farm park to establish itself as the only autonomous site in the park system. Claude Moore Colonial Farm takes no NPS funding and operates off of the dividends of its endowment, as well as donations from the public.

Claude Moore Colonial Farm is open to the public (including school groups) Wednesday to Sunday, 10 AM to 4:30 PM from April 1st to mid-December. There is a nominal admission charge for visitors, but memberships are available.

Through-out the year, Colonial Farm hosts numerous 18th-Century events. These events include Farm Skills Day, Dairy Day, clothing workshops, salting fish, herbal remedies, dancing workshops, wheat harvest, tobacco harvest, pickling, the 18th-Century Wedding, Spinning and Dyeing Day, and a winter traditions workshop.