What Is The Average Price Per Square Foot In 22079?

How Much Does A Mid-Sized Residence Cost In Lorton, Virginia?

Square footage of living is important for some people. Above all, for others the actual size of the living area is not that important. Depending upon your pre-approved price limit, you may want to consider 7421 Larne Ln, Lorton VA which is available for $439,900. Continue reading

Pursuing A Premium Property In Lorton

If you are seeking an unique premium property in Lorton, 7630 Wiley Dr should probably be on your list. But it's not the only premium property in Lorton you'll want to find out about in 22079. Email Julie Nesbitt to learn more from a super guru on 22079 in Lorton real estate. Looking at these pics and prices from Fairfax County, it's easy to see why this is one of our favorite communities in 22079 in Fairfax County. Continue reading

7561 Aspenpark Rd, Lorton VA 22079 Advertised For Sale

Learn More About Residences For Sale In The Lorton Area

Should you worry about doling out $450,000 for a home like 7561 Aspenpark Rd in Lorton? The average days on market in Pohick Village is 7. Do you know if this advantages you, or disadvantages you in negotiations? Nesbitt Realty , a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA. has the experience to position you to get the home you want. Furthermore, there are other problems which can be challenging to overcome.  But even so, a real estate professional like Nesbitt Realty can manage and overcome risks  associated with buying a home in 22079 in Lorton. Continue reading

Seeking A 2 Bedroom Property For About $200,000

To take a closer look at this 2-bedroom 1-baths townhouse, email Will Nesbitt. He is an expert on real estate for sale in 22079 in Lorton. If you are considering a purchase of an enchanting 2 bedroom property for about $200,000, your choices might be limited right now. 9589 Hagel Cir #E might be the best option for you, but we have various more recommendations below. Continue reading

8104 Horseshoe Cottage Cir, Lorton VA 22079 On The Market

Enchanting $565,000 3-bedroom traditional-style Townhouse - Lorton VA 22079

8104 Horseshoe Cottage Cir is a wonderful place, On the other hand it's not for every buyer. As a property seeker, you have a lot of decisions to make about what's important to you.

A few of your options include:

Do you need to think about resale value? Do you know what townhouses have sold for in this area? Here's what has Recently sold at Lorton Station South. How important is it that you stay in 22079? Have you considered neighboring areas? Do you want upgraded features? For instance, do you like stainless steel appliances, granite counters, dual pane windows? Maybe you want a "green" home? Or, do you prefer a handyman special? Continue reading

4-bedroom Colonial-style Townhouse Advertised For Sale At $473,500 In 22079

Photo of 7816 Lambkin Ct If you use Nesbitt Realty , a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA. as your agent when buying 7816 Lambkin Ct, Nesbitt Realty will pay you $2,281. If you're purchasing in Lorton and coughing up approximately $473,500, you need to cogitate on this townhouse property at 7816 Lambkin Ct in Shepherd Hills. Continue reading

7600 Fallswood Way, Lorton VA 22079 Listed For Sale

Lorton Virginia Listed // $619,900

There are search for basic datas that weigh in a property seeker's mind, but perhaps none more important than price. 7600 Fallswood Way will set you back $619,900 if you want to buy in Lorton, Virginia. If you've set your budget approximately $600,000 and you're looking in Lorton you may want to call Julie Nesbitt to stop by 7600 Fallswood Way. Continue reading