Manchester Lakes is a great place to live in 22310

Manchester Lakes is located just outside the Capital Beltway in Franconia near Kingstowne and Rose Hill. The community is composed of various condos and townhouses that were developed between the late 1980's to the late 1990's. Residents here enjoy a quiet suburban feel that is remarkably close to Fort Belvoir, the Capital Beltway and the Franconia Springfield Metro.

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Manchester Lake

homes and condos for sale in the Franconia area of Fairfax County VA

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Bilevel condominiums — lofts and townhouse style lay-outs

For some people one of the benefits of condo living is that everything is on one level. There are no stairs inside the unit of some condominiums. For those in wheelchairs, for the elderly or for those who just like life without stairs, this is a big advantage. But for some people, life on one level is just not enough. Lofts and bilevel condominiums offer condo-style living, but don't limit life to just one level. One of my favorite examples of this is found in the top floor units at the Tiers of Manchester.
swiss-style condos
Chalet style condos at Manchester Lakes
The Tiers are "swiss-style" condominiums. Their roof lines echo the high-pitched roofs favored in Alpine cottages. In Switzerland these roof provide the pitch needed to get excess snow off the roof. But in Manchester Lakes, these roofs provide opportunities for dramatic overlooks in the condo itself.
Loft at the Tiers
Loft at the Tiers of Manchester Lakes
The pitch of the roof allows for high angled ceilings and the placement of a loft over-looking the living area.
Looking down from loft
Looking down from loft at Founder's Walk
It's difficult in a photograph to show how this brings a real feeling of spaciousness to the condo. The lofts here also provide bonus space for storage and closets under the eaves of the roof. The loft is easily accessed by way of a spiral staircase that only adds to the dramatic feel of these condos.
spiral stairs to the loft
Spiral stairs to the loft at the Tiers
Kingstowne has a good many condominiums with lofts, and the Tiers of Manchester and Eton Square are just two of my favorites. To check pricing and availability on these go to Tiers or Eton Square.
fireplace at the Sycamores
Lofts are dramatic and very appealing, but they aren't for everyone. Another alternative in you're looking for a multi-level condo is the townhouse style layout found at the Sycamores at Van Dorn. The Sycamores is one of many garden-style condos in this area that offer townhouse-style floorplans in a garden-style condo. This gives you all the benefits of condo life (low maintenance, amenities) with the homey feel of a townhouse. In condos such as these, the bedrooms are upstairs, but the kitchen and living room are downstairs. In some condos like the Sycamores and Old Town Village, most or all units have a townhouse style unit. In other condos, such as Eton Square in Kingstowne or Worldgate near Reston, on the the top floor units have the townhouse-style unit.
Sycamores condos
Sycamore at Van Dorn
But there is yet one more way to get a multi-floor condo.
The Fountains condominiums at 301 N. Beauregard
Rear of the Fountains condominiums at 301 N. Beauregard
Some high-rises offer units with multiple floors. For example the Fountains in the West End of Alexandria VA, has units that occupy two floors. The Fountains is also one of the most affordable condominiums in Northern Virginia and features a convenient location that is easily accessible via I-395 or public transportation. The Atrium in Arlington VA is a high-end condominium in Rosslyn that has dramatic two-level units with two-story windows. There are plenty of choices these days. Contact us to find a property that will fit your tastes, budget, commute! For more information or to set up an appointment call Julie at (703)765-0300.

What is a “National”?

A Single family house at 321 Raymond Ave E Alexandria VA 22301
Wilmar Park is in Alexandria 22301
Born out of the fundamental need for shelter, National-style homes, whose roots are set in Native American and pre-railroad dwellings, remain unadorned and utilitarian. The style is characterized by rectangular shapes with (insert link side gabled roofs) or square layouts with pyramidal roofs. The gabled-front-and-wing style pictured here is the most prevalent type with a side-gabled wing attached at a right angle to the gabled front. Two subsets of the National style, known as "hall-and-parlor family" and "I-house," are characterized by layouts that are two rooms wide and one room deep. Massed plan styles, recognized by a layout more than one room deep, often sport side gables and shed-roofed porches. You'll find National homes throughout the country.
A single family homes at 6732 Darwin Ct Falls Church VA 22042
Darwin Heights in Falls Church 22042
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Single Family Homes less than $350k with easy access to the metro

If you have a friend who is looking for easy metro access, a 3 bedroom home and only wants to spend about $300k to $350k  it will be tough. But here are my best suggestions:
  • The Huntington Metro is also an option at with homes at Bucknell Manor and the Fort Hunt area. This is a traditional 1950’s neighborhood with lots of trees and good schools.  Huntington Metro has 4500 parking spaces, so it’s a great metro to live close to because you can park and ride.
  • I also like parts of Franconia near Van Dorn but there is no parking at the Van Dorn Metro. Springfield and Burke are quite suburban but there is parking at the Franconia Springfield Metro.
  • I doubt you can find anything in Alexandria or Arlington that comes close to fitting in your budget. It’s possible to find home not far from the Vienna Metro. If you head further out towards Centreville and Oakton you can might find a home that suits you and you can drive to park at the Vienna Metro.
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