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Arlandria is a multi-cultural neighborhood located on the border of Arlington and Alexandria. Its name is a portmanteau of the words ‘Arlington’ and ‘Alexandria’ which is based on its location. Arlandria was originally the name of a shopping center, then the name of a business district and now a neighborhood. Arlandria is home to many Hispanic, Thai and Vietnamese-owned bakeries, restaurants, salons and bookstores. Many residents and business owners grew up in a popular area called Chirilagua which is named after an El Salvadoran Town.  Arlandria was featured on an album by the Foo Fighters in 2011.

Arlandria is home to many restaurants and businesses such as:

  1. RT’s Restaurant- a restaurant whose New-Orleans inspired dishes has earned a spot on Washington’s Top 100 Restaurants list for 15 years in a row.
  2. Wafle Shop – this 24 hour diner is the last of a regional chain of diners with its endearing misspelling on its awning out front.
  3. The Legendary Birchmere Music Hall – this is one of the last great listening rooms in the U.S. The 500 seat music hall has hosted musical icons such as Johnny Cash, The Dixie Chicks, Ray Charles and Emmylou Harris.
  4. Latino Food and Markets – home to restaurants such as Huascaran owned by Peruvian sisters, El Pulgarcito which serves Salvadoran dishes and markets like El Paisa which offers a variety of Latino foods and coffee plus tacos and pupusas. 
  5. Four Mile Run Park – home to a permanent wildlife sanctuary and Four mile Run creek, a popular fishing ans bird watching spot. A Latino festival is held yearly to celebrate the local community.

Arlandria brings together many mixed cultures which makes it a rich and spicy neighborhood.


Properties in Arlandria


What Is In Arlandria?


Arlandria is located just beside Del Ray in the north-eastern portion of Alexandria. The name Arlandria was derived from the names of the places Arlington and Alexandria. This reflects the location of Arlandria located on the border of Alexandria and Arlington Country.

The development in Arlandria started in 2000. This was the time when the park located at Four Mile Run was expanded.

Some notable places found in Arlandria are as follow.

  • Birchmere Concert Hall
  • Alexandria Aces of the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League
  • St. Rita Roman Catholic Church

Since 2003, Arlandria has been one of the places in Alexandria that is subject to development.

Properties in Arlandria