House Prices In Alexandria Set To Increase Following Amazon’s Arrival

Housing prices in Alexandria and its surrounding areas is slated to be higher than originally projected by the North Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR). President of NVAR Christine Richardson states that housing prices will increase and inventory will decline due to a market response to the Amazon HQ2 announcement. In Alexandria the average sale price of a home in May was $597,000 which is a 3.5% increase from a year ago. There was a decline in the inventory of home in Alexandria compared to last year which means that more buyers are competing for fewer homes. Homes are selling significantly faster compared to the same time year however some residents are waiting for higher prices or deciding to rent their homes instead of selling. In Alexandria the number of available homes is expected to show a year end decline of 37.5% in 2019 compared to a projected figure of 0.6% by year end.

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Virginia Tech Innovation Campus To Be Located At Potomac Yard

In an effort to be closer to the new Amazon headquarters and its HQ2 project in Arlington, the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus will now be located at Potomac Yard on land currently occupied by a movie theater. The campus will be located at 3575 Richmond Hwy, just south of Four Mile Run Stream which separates Alexandria and Arlington and puts the campus within near proximity to the nation’s capital, diverse industries and leading technology companies. The campus was originally slated for Oakville Triangle however there is a need for the university to grow which would not have been possible at that location.

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Alexandria Organizations To Benefit From Amazon’s New Employee Match Campaign

With the future headquarters of Amazon slated for Arlington there has been an increase in talks about affordable housing and homelessness in Alexandria and the surrounding region. Amazon has officially launched a new campaign where it will match the donation of its employee to three Alexandria organizations which focus on homelessness or affordable housing. The new campaign will see Amazon employees donating to 20 selected non profits organizations with Amazon matching those donations one-for-one up to $5 million from June 11 – Sept 30. Continue reading

Six (6) Breathtaking Architectural Design Styles In Old Town Alexandria That Will Leave You In Awe

Alexandria was named one of the South’s Prettiest Cities by Southern Living and its historic neighborhood Old Town has helped the city to gain this title due to the many architectural gems located in the neighborhood. The neighborhood of Old Town features many architectural design styles from Federal to Victorian to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mid-Century Design. Continue reading

Why You Should Visit The Freedom House Museum In Alexandria

The Freedom House Museum located at 1315 Duke St in Alexandria holds a very tragic story about slavery in Alexandria. The Museum was once the headquarters and holding pen for Franklin and Armfield, the largest domestic trading firm in the US. During the salve trade persons were bought and forced to the slave markets in Natchez, Mississippi and New Orleans by foot or by ship. The Museum is operated by the Office of Historic Alexandria. Continue reading

ALX Community To Open New Location In Old Town Alexandria

ALX Community, an Alexandria based shared office concept, will be expanding its business with the opening of a new location in Old Town Alexandria. ALX Community opened its first office space at 106 N Lee Street and it is home to over 80 small business ad more than 170 members ranging from entrepreneurs, freelancers, financial professionals and non profit organizations. The business uniquely focuses on supporting local business with caring initiatives, events and sponsorships. The new location which will be at 201 N Union Street north of Torpedo Factory will take up 25,000 square foot of the office building located on the waterfront. Continue reading

Lower King Street In Old Town To Be Transformed To Car Free Zone In New Proposal

Mayor of Alexandria Justin Wilson and council member John Chapman have put forward a proposal to turn lower King Street just outside the Potomac River Waterfront into a car-free zone on weekends. The proposal which was once a pilot program some 13 years ago, saw lower King Street being turned into a pedestrian only zone on weekends during the summer. The concept of a pedestrian only zone on weekends would give residents and visitors the freedom to shop and dine while providing a unique space to enjoy the historic nature of Old Town and in extension Alexandria. With the proposal of the pedestrian only zone on weekends persons would now be able to visit the new and improved Waterfront Park with its newly installed public artwork “Mirror Mirror” and attend the various events and attractions at Lower King Street and the Potomac River Waterfront. If approved, the new car free zone is slated to start in spring 2020 Continue reading

Four (4) Myths to Avoid When Buying Or Selling A House In The Fall In Alexandria

When it comes to buying or selling a house in Alexandria you can be bombarded with many advise on what you should or shouldn’t do. These advise could potentially cause many persons in Alexandria to reconsider buying or selling a home. There are many myths that are floating around when it comes to buying or selling as many believe houses prices are better in one season as opposed to another season.Continue reading

National CPR And AED Awareness Week To Be Recognized By The City Of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria has encouraged all residents to learn how to saves lives during National Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Awareness Week from June 1-7. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a technique that is performed on someone who is having a cardiac arrest. The technique helps to preserve blood flow to the brain and heart and it should be followed by advanced cardiac care. Continue reading