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Detached1939 Active
Townhouses 729 Active including :
End Unit Townhouse 175 Active
Townhouse 522 Active
Duplex 32 Active
Condos 373 Active including :
Penthouse 20 Active
Unit 353 Active
Other 25 Active including :
Garage/Parking Space 5 Active
Manufactured 5 Active
Other 15 Active

properties For Sale By Style

A-Frame3 Active
A-Frame, Contemporary2 Active
Art Deco5 Active
Art Deco, Bungalow1 Active
Art Deco, Cape Cod, Contemporary, Craftsman, Traditional1 Active
Back-to-Back4 Active
Back-to-Back, Colonial1 Active
Beaux Arts1 Active
Bi-level19 Active
Bi-level, Colonial2 Active
Bungalow15 Active
Bungalow, Craftsman1 Active
Bungalow, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Cabin/Lodge3 Active
Cabin/Lodge, Log Home1 Active
Cape Cod62 Active
Cape Cod, Colonial1 Active
Carriage House3 Active
Carriage House, Colonial1 Active
Carriage House, Federal1 Active
Chalet1 Active
Coastal2 Active
Colonial1226 Active
Colonial, Back-to-Back1 Active
Colonial, Carriage House1 Active
Colonial, Contemporary5 Active
Colonial, Contemporary, Coastal1 Active
Colonial, Craftsman5 Active
Colonial, Craftsman, Cape Cod1 Active
Colonial, Craftsman, Traditional1 Active
Colonial, Dutch1 Active
Colonial, Dwelling w/Separate Living Area1 Active
Colonial, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Colonial, Federal1 Active
Colonial, Federal, Georgian, Traditional1 Active
Colonial, French2 Active
Colonial, French, Manor1 Active
Colonial, Georgian2 Active
Colonial, Loft with Bedrooms1 Active
Colonial, Manor3 Active
Colonial, Other2 Active
Colonial, Spanish, Transitional, Traditional1 Active
Colonial, Split Foyer2 Active
Colonial, Traditional14 Active
Colonial, Transitional3 Active
Colonial, Unit/Flat, Bi-level1 Active
Colonial, Victorian1 Active
Contemporary367 Active
Contemporary, Art Deco1 Active
Contemporary, Back-to-Back1 Active
Contemporary, Coastal1 Active
Contemporary, Colonial3 Active
Contemporary, Craftsman3 Active
Contemporary, Craftsman, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Contemporary, Loft1 Active
Contemporary, Loft, Unit/Flat1 Active
Contemporary, Other2 Active
Contemporary, Raised Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Contemporary, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Contemporary, Spanish1 Active
Contemporary, Split Level1 Active
Contemporary, Traditional3 Active
Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Other1 Active
Contemporary, Transitional4 Active
Contemporary, Unit/Flat2 Active
Contemporary, Villa1 Active
Converted Barn1 Active
Converted Dwelling, Contemporary1 Active
Cottage8 Active
Craftsman190 Active
Craftsman, Colonial4 Active
Craftsman, Colonial, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Craftsman, Colonial, Farmhouse/National Folk, Georgian1 Active
Craftsman, Colonial, French1 Active
Craftsman, Colonial, Traditional1 Active
Craftsman, Contemporary4 Active
Craftsman, Loft with Bedrooms, Side-by-Side1 Active
Craftsman, Other1 Active
Craftsman, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Craftsman, Traditional2 Active
Craftsman, Traditional, Transitional1 Active
Dutch1 Active
Dutch, Colonial3 Active
Dwelling w/Separate Living Area, Victorian, Farmhouse/National Folk1 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk17 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Contemporary, Craftsman3 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Craftsman, Colonial1 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Craftsman, Contemporary1 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Craftsman, Transitional, Colonial2 Active
Farmhouse/National Folk, Transitional1 Active
Federal18 Active
French21 Active
French, Colonial2 Active
French, Colonial, Manor1 Active
French, Manor, Transitional1 Active
French, Other, Traditional, Manor1 Active
French, Ranch/Rambler1 Active
French, Transitional2 Active
French, Transitional, Traditional, Federal1 Active
Georgian6 Active
Loft with Bedrooms, Contemporary1 Active
Log Home, Farmhouse/National Folk, Colonial1 Active
Manor6 Active
Manor, Traditional1 Active
Manor, Transitional1 Active
Mediterranean, Contemporary1 Active
Modular/Pre-Fabricated3 Active
Other144 Active
Other, A-Frame1 Active
Other, Back-to-Back1 Active
Other, Colonial4 Active
Other, Craftsman, Contemporary1 Active
Other, Raised Ranch/Rambler1 Active
Prairie, Contemporary, Craftsman1 Active
Raised Ranch/Rambler37 Active
Raised Ranch/Rambler, Ranch/Rambler3 Active
Ranch/Rambler154 Active
Ranch/Rambler, Raised Ranch/Rambler3 Active
Ranch/Rambler, Traditional2 Active
Side-by-Side2 Active
Side-by-Side, Traditional1 Active
Spanish, Villa1 Active
Split Foyer45 Active
Split Foyer, Colonial2 Active
Split Foyer, Split Level2 Active
Split Foyer, Split Level, Bi-level, Traditional1 Active
Split Level76 Active
Split Level, Transitional1 Active
Traditional288 Active
Traditional, A-Frame, Colonial1 Active
Traditional, Cape Cod1 Active
Traditional, Colonial9 Active
Traditional, Converted Dwelling, Unit/Flat1 Active
Traditional, Craftsman1 Active
Traditional, Federal1 Active
Traditional, Loft1 Active
Traditional, Other1 Active
Traditional, Transitional3 Active
Traditional, Unit/Flat4 Active
Traditional, Villa1 Active
Transitional63 Active
Transitional, Colonial2 Active
Transitional, Contemporary5 Active
Transitional, Craftsman, Contemporary2 Active
Transitional, Farmhouse/National Folk, Contemporary, Craftsman1 Active
Transitional, Normandy, Villa1 Active
Transitional, Tudor1 Active
Tudor4 Active
Tudor, Traditional1 Active
Unit/Flat48 Active
Unit/Flat, Loft, Contemporary1 Active
Unit/Flat, Traditional2 Active
Unit/Flat, Transitional3 Active
Victorian6 Active
Victorian, Farmhouse/National Folk2 Active
Villa6 Active
Villa, Raised Ranch/Rambler, Ranch/Rambler1 Active

properties For Sale By Construction Materials

Advanced Framing26 Active
Aluminum Siding144 Active
Asbestos1 Active
Asphalt16 Active
Batts Insulation46 Active
Block30 Active
Blown-In Insulation54 Active
Brick1432 Active
Brick Front348 Active
Brick Veneer19 Active
Cast Iron Plumbing2 Active
Cedar22 Active
Cement Siding45 Active
Combination366 Active
Composition20 Active
Concrete75 Active
Copper Plumbing15 Active
Corrugated Siding1 Active
CPVC/PVC20 Active
Dryvit2 Active
Fiber Cement24 Active
Fiberglass Siding2 Active
Frame39 Active
Glass22 Active
HardiPlank Type322 Active
Log2 Active
Low VOC Insulation13 Active
Low VOC Products/Finishes15 Active
Masonite2 Active
Masonry118 Active
Metal Siding74 Active
Mixed75 Active
Mixed Plumbing3 Active
Modular/Manufactured2 Active
Other125 Active
Rigid Insulation1 Active
Rock3 Active
Rough-In Plumbing9 Active
Shake Siding12 Active
Shingle Siding27 Active
Spray Foam Insulation19 Active
Steel Siding16 Active
Stick Built27 Active
Stone323 Active
Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS)1 Active
Stucco108 Active
Synthetic Stucco3 Active
T-1-112 Active
Tile7 Active
Vinyl Siding845 Active
Wood Siding105 Active

properties For Sale By Exterior Features

Awning(s)16 Active
BBQ Grill79 Active
Boat Storage6 Active
Bump-outs67 Active
Extensive Hardscape237 Active
Exterior Lighting373 Active
Fire Escape10 Active
Flood Lights149 Active
Hot Tub72 Active
Kennels2 Active
Lawn Sprinkler85 Active
Other77 Active
Outbuilding(s)72 Active
Outside Shower8 Active
Play Area102 Active
Play Equipment40 Active
Private Beach6 Active
Satellite Dish39 Active
Secure Storage63 Active
Sidewalks372 Active
Sport Court13 Active
Stone Retaining Walls75 Active
Street Lights179 Active
Tennis Court(s)39 Active
Underground Lawn Sprinkler131 Active
Water Falls22 Active
Water Fountains37 Active

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