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About Huntley Meadows

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Huntley Meadows is comprised of approximately 1500 acres. The park is beautiful with nature and historic sites to see. Along with wetlands, and forest Huntley Meadows has some of Northern Virginia's most vibrant wildlife. Visitors to Huntley Meadows can enjoy bird-watching, walking trails and an observation dock to enjoy the beauty.

During the colonial times the area belonged to part of the plantation owed by Thomson Mason, grandson of George Mason IV. It has since been named the Historic Huntley and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Huntley Meadows lies in a wet lowland which provides cleanliness to polluted waters and maintains control of floods and storms. Educational programs are also provided by Huntley Meadows from preschool to self-guided visits. Volunteers are always needed and welcome to join the Friends of Huntley Meadows by helping to preserve the park. (Four-hundred citizens are involved but more are also invited.)

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