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Area: Lee District
County: fairfax
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Lee District is one of nine magisterial districts in Fairfax County, and is located in Fairfax County near the I-495's Mixing Bowl. The Franconia Springfield Metro is located in Lee District. Franconia, Kingstowne, Rose Hill and parts of Springfield and more make up Lee District. Most addresses in Lee District have an Alexandria postal address but no part of Lee District is in the City of Alexandria.

Properties For Sale In Lee District By Price

Budget (1 to $300,000)35 Active
Affordable (300001 to $400,000)37 Active
Entry-Level (400001 to $550,000)59 Active
Choice (550001 to $650,000)36 Active
Premium (750001 to $950,001)28 Active
Luxury (950001 to $1,950,000)17 Active
Super Luxury ($1,950,001 and up)4 Active

Properties For Sale In Lee District By Age

Recently built (2017 - 2020)16 Active
Newer (2011 - 2016)12 Active
21st Century (2003 - 2010)39 Active
Millennial (1998 - 2002)11 Active
Late 20th Century (1983 - 1999)54 Active
Mid 20th Century (1938 - 1982)98 Active
Early 20th Century (1900 - 1937)2 Active

Properties For Sale In Lee District By Size

Tiny (1 to 600 sqft)1 Active
Smaller (601 to 700 sqft)3 Active
Small (701 to 1,100 sqft)69 Active
Modest (1101 to 1,500 sqft)64 Active
Mid-Sized (1501 to 2,000 sqft)39 Active
Large (2001 to 2,500 sqft)19 Active
Big (2501 to 3,000 sqft)12 Active
Very Large (3001 to 4,000 sqft)12 Active
Sprawling (4,001 sqft and up)12 Active

Properties For Sale In Lee District By Number of Bedrooms

1 BR23 Active
2 BR68 Active
3 BR61 Active
4 BR47 Active
5 BR24 Active
6 BR9 Active
8 BR2 Active
10 BR1 Active

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