If you don't know the West End from Old Town, we can help sort that out here! We're also here to help in the neighboring communities of Arlington, Fairfax County and Falls Church. Are you looking for a specific subdivision or condo? We have an entire page dedicated to featured subdivisions and condominium communities of Alexandria VA.



Arlandria straddles the border between Arlington and Alexandria VA. Much of Arlandria was developed between 1940 and 1980, although some homes and structures are newer or older than this. This area was originally a neighborhood whose residents worked in the industrial areas near Potomac Yards train center and nearby industries in Old Town and Crystal City. Over the years, the economy of the National Capital Region changed and most of the heavy and even most of the light industrial companies moved elsewhere. Industry has been replaced by commerce, making Arlandria one of the most conveniently located communities in Northern VA.

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Old Town

Many people feel that Old Town is the heart of Alexandria VA.

As the name implies, Old Town is the oldest part of Alexandria, a port in colonial times. Historic Old Town Alexandria is found along the Potomac, just inside the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and then north toward Reagan National Airport. Old Town is served by the King St. Metro and the King St. trolley. With over 100 restaurants, shops, boutiques, coffee shops, ice cream houses and more, there's always fun to be found in Old Town.

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The neighborhood at the eastern end of Eisenhower Ave, closer to Old Town and the USPTO, is known as the Carlyle District. The Carlyle District has some of the newest construction and communities in Alexandria and it's in close proximity to the National Science Foundation, shopping, Metro and Hoffman Center. This is a great place to shop for a luxury condo or townhouse with all the advantages of an urban life-style.

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Mount Vernon & Lower Alexandria

The Lee and Mount Vernon Districts of Fairfax County are located in the southern part of Fairfax County. Mount Vernon and the Lee District were developed in the 1950's to 1970's and there is very suburban feel to this part of the county. It's a great place to shop for homes that are close to the city and close to the Beltway but with a little more yard or square-footage than you'll find in a similar property in the City of Alexandria.

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Del Ray

Del Ray was founded in 1894 as a "streetcar suburb" to Washington, DC. Most of Del Ray was built from the 1890's to the 1950's and retains that small town charm despite being so close to the center of the universe. The neighborhood (and many of the homes) may be older but many properties here have striking renovations, additions and improvements. Del Ray is an interesting place to shop for a garden-style condo or brick duplex as well as mature and stately detached homes.

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West End

The West End of Alexandria is a mixed bag. Condos and high rises abound in "Condo Canyon" near Landmark and Lincolnia.

But single family and townhouse development from the 1950's and 1960's is also found tucked on side streets and around unexpected corners. The homes around and near Seminary Road are regarded by many as stately and highly desirable. Another interesting neighborhood in the West End is Cameron Station. Cameron Station is a newer development of townhouses and condos, but the stylings and architecture imitate the best of Old Town. Cameron Station is relatively close to both Landmark Mall and Old Town.

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