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If you are shopping for a mid 20th-century mid-sized 4 bedroom residence for roughly $1,050,000, 10136 Glenmere Rd should probably be on your list. But it's not the only mid-sized 4 bedroom residence for roughly $1,050,000 you'll want to compare in Fairfax, Virginia. Talk to Julie Nesbitt to learn more from your specialist on Fairfax real estate. Take a look at what's new at Ridge Manor in 22032.

Julie can help you find a mid-sized 4 bedroom dwelling for roughly $1,050,000

Nesbitt Realty specifically counsels our Realtors to never steer home buyers. We always insist that property hunters choose the property without interference from the real estate pro. We use our experience to put choices in front of the property hunter.  In addition, a friendly home buyer's needs and wants. Therefore, she frequently knows which detached home a buyer is going to choose, and where to find it. This partly intuition, but largely from experience. Above all, in the end we only provide suggested course of action and data.  The property seeker---not the agent---always calls the shots. 10136 Glenmere Rd will set you back $1,049,990 if you want to buy in 22032. In this community, places are typically 66 years old. If you want a mid-sized 4 bedroom property for roughly $1,050,000, take a look at the listings below. Julie Nesbitt is a bona fide guru on real estate in 22032. Photo of 10136 Glenmere Rd Julie Nesbitt is available, if you would like to inspect a mid-sized 4 bedroom home for roughly $1,050,000 similar to any of the places below. 10136 Glenmere Rd is a mid-sized 4 bedroom detached home for roughly $1,050,000.
10136 Glenmere Rd, Fairfax 22032

This home has undergone a complete transformation! Situated on a large gorgeous lot in Fairfax, this 4 bedroom 3 full bath home has everything you could want. The porch out front greets you as you enter the light filled home. Wide plank ... [Read more]

$1,049,990 ‧ 4 BR ‧ 3 BA ‧ 0 HB ‧ 1,988 SQFT ‧ 10136 Glenmere Rd Fairfax 22032 VA ‧ Ridge Manor

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Julie Nesbitt can help you find the most compatible mid-sized 4 bedroom place for roughly $1,050,000 for you. How much can you save at 10136 Glenmere Rd? Probably around $6,489 when you use Julie Nesbitt as your Realtor. Learn more about how rebates work and how much you can save with Nesbitt Realty. The number of U.S. households is expected to rise 10 to 15 percent over the next decade. For this reason, Julie Nesbitt advises, "The increase in U.S. households will create continued high demand for housing, which will of course affect the price of real estate in Fairfax."

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