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Nesbitt Realty provides superior professional property management solutions to landlords, investors, and property owners in North Springfield. We also manage homeowners and condominium associations. We're happy to show you why we are considered one of the best management firms in the area. Nesbitt Realty is trusted by local homeowners as well as overseas and out-of-state homeowners. We work for real estate investors, and trusts, but most of our clients are just average people who need us to help them manage their property in North Springfield. Although some of our clients are genuinely wealthy and have us manage multiple properties that have no mortgages. Most of our clients are "mortgage landlords". A mortgage landlord needs the rental income to pay the mortgage. For many of these homeowners, the property that we manage is maybe the single largest investment interest in their life. Many of our clients work in vocations that require them to travel or live elsewhere for extended periods of time. They are members of academia, the political class, foreign service and the military. Although many of our clients are local, our remote homeowners live out of state and across the country.  We also manage properties for homeowners who live on the West Coast, in Hawaii, and in various locations in Europe. For those homeowners, we have established practices to keep in contact as needed. A few of our landlords live and work in remote and possibly dangerous locations where communication is difficult and spotty. We manage properties for folks working out of Central Asia in and around war zones. We manage properties for landlords that live in Madagascar and Central Africa. Some of our landlords are military folks who put themselves in harm's way to protect our nation. Some of our clients do research work in remote wilderness locations. For those who we cannot contact we have established practices and built a trust to keep the property, we manage in production, producing income and keeping expenses to a minimum.


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