Holiday Tree Lighting And Sing-Along in Herndon

After being canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Herndon's annual Holiday Tree Lighting and Sing-Along returned to the Town Square on Saturday, Dec. 4. Neighbors and friends from the community and those surrounding the Town gathered on the brick plaza in front of the Old Town Hall and the Herndon Depot Museum. According to The Connection Newspapers, "The crowd chanted the countdown with her. "Five, four, three, two, one, light." The band played, and children ran under the branches of the lit tree. The Town of Herndon had officially begun its 2021 Hometown Holiday Season.  The sound of a siren from the fire engine bringing Santa could be heard in the distance, and then the siren grew fainter and fainter. The fire truck never arrived, called to more urgent concerns." As per The Connection Newspapers, "The band played longer and longer. Some families began leaving, drifting down the trail and nearby sidewalks. But, just as Santa makes no sound while leaving gifts in people's homes around the world on Christmas Eve, the man in red walked unannounced and alone out of the darkness of Lynn Street toward the Town Square. The children on the W&OD Trail noticed him first, but they did not run. They didn't even call out. Instead, one by one, they approached Santa. He opened his sack as the small group of children grew closer and huddled around him. The first child raised her eyes to Santa, who nodded. She reached into the bag and pulled out one small candy cane, gave a quick smile, and stepped aside."

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