Parkway Plan Started In Mount Vernon In Early October

The George Washington Memorial Parkway is set for several changes to adapt to the amount of traffic, speeds and sight distances to make this travel corridor safer for motorists and pedestrians. The parkway is maintained by the National Park Service, and officials there are looking at the intersections of Stratford Lane, Collingwood Road and Morningside Lane to implement safety measures, and a road diet in other places.
The road diet will look something like this
According to The Connection Newspapers, "To implement this road diet, the NPS will restripe the road between the City of Alexandria and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, changing the markings so that there will be two northbound, one southbound and one turn lane in areas between Stratford Lane and Tulane Drive to improve safety. They will also install new signs and flexible posts at the intersections of Belle View Boulevard, Belle Haven Drive and other areas along the parkway to guide drivers." As per The Connection Newspapers, "Speeding was the biggest concern on the southern portion of the parkway - particularly in the Stratford Lane area. Speed data collected by NPS indicates that the median speed is above the posted speed limit with 85 percent of vehicles going from eight to 12 mph above the posted speed limit. The MVCCA pointed out that the parkway was originally designed to provide scenic recreational driving experiences that is better appreciated by traveling at slower speeds. The design of the Parkway was not intended for the point-to-point travel or commuting that are now the primary use of the road occurring today."

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