Patriotic Activity Book Released By Reston Author

“Patriotic Activity Book for ALL Americans” (Adair, 2021) is the newly released interactive content book co-authored by Reston composer and former teacher Audrey J. Adair. Co-author, fellow teacher, and graphic artist Leah Solsrud, who happens to be Adair’s mother, illustrated the book. The 267-page guidebook is available on Amazon for $12.99 and rated five stars.

Reston author Audrey Adair holds up her newest release, Patriotic Activity Book for ALL Americans

As per Reston Connection, “According to the author, the book is a resource for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in learning about the United States’ heritage of distinct cultural voices. It celebrates democracy and features background information about the United States on three topics, national symbols, patriotic music, and holidays. A wide range of games, crossword puzzles, and trivia appeal to all age groups. The downloadable words and sheet music for familiar patriotic songs add to the content. “Patriotic Activity Book covers important and interesting civic facts that all Americans should know,” said the reviewer Angela Iunes of Reston.”

According to Reston Connection, “The word patriot expands beyond service members in the Armed Forces and first responders. According to Adair, the circle widens to grocery store employees and teachers who report for work, healthcare workers helping others, and those who lost their lives helping others. Patriots are also individuals who confront the status quo and protest against police brutality and racial disparities. They express distrust of the administration. Patriots are those who help fellow Americans by volunteering, participate in politics, support food banks and protect other citizens and themselves by wearing a mask. And they sing patriotic songs at home.”

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