Andrew Patton: Sorting Right Renters In 22003 From Bad Possible Renters

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Nesbitt Realty doesn't “sell” rental places. We market rental properties to prospective renters moving to Northern Virginia to identify the best tenant. How do you find the a solid tenant for your rental in 22003 in Fairfax County? Verifying the claims of possible renters is one of the most vital duties of every rental manager in 22003 in Annandale.

Photo of 7904 Inverton Rd #304

Nesbitt Realty look ats the applicant’s past behavior. With that in mind, Nesbitt Realty and Management assumes the prospective lessee’s future behavior will be similar. The potential tenant should demonstrate a history of being a solid, reliable renter and also possessing the financial capacity to handle the rent. Our background checking process is founded on several elements including:

  • Credit History – The applicant's credit history informs us about the applicant’s current and past performance repaying debts and other responsibilities. The prospective renter’s credit report also tells us their monthly debt and shows their previous addresses (which we compare to addresses listed on the application). An applicant must have acceptable credit to qualify.
  • Landlord Reference – Nesbitt utilizes public information, tax records and other research and verification to ensure that we're talking to actual owner about actual rental history of the applicant.
  • Income Verification – Our local real estate company establishes job status, job title, salary and prospects for continued employment. Depending upon the prospective lessee's debt load, a tenant needs to earn a minimum of 3 to 4 times the monthly rent in gross income to qualify for rental.

If accepted, the possible tenant’s in-processing includes a lease, lease signing, collecting pro-rated rent, and providing the renter with a copy of any association documents needed for disclosure and instruction on rules and regulations associated with the rental and community.

For a complete break-down our process, contact Andrew Patton or read more here. We are fully authorized to manage rental unit in the Commonwealth, and we have all necessary licenses and accreditation. Nesbitt Realty & Management also shops renters through government organizations and other methods. To learn more about the full-list of what we do, contact an agent today.

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Photo of 7904 Inverton Rd #304

I’m a local expert on Northern Virginia real estate. Our family business lives, works and plays here and we appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Photo of 7904 Inverton Rd #304

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