Reston Hospital Installs HOPE For The Holidays

The healthcare workers at Reston Hospital did something to control the negative emotions. They strengthened their resolve, believing, holding onto hope, that circumstances would improve even in the face of adversity. People passing by Town Center Drive and New Dominion Parkway in Reston can see it from a distance – the four large block letters H-O-P-E, brilliantly illuminating the steep hill at Reston Hospital.

According to the Reston Connection, “On Dec. 1, local business owner and founder of the COVID19 U.S. Honor Quilt, Diane Canney, installed the quilted letters there. “I know this is a very difficult time for all hospitals in the nation. We hope our letters could serve as a large ‘thank you card’ of gratitude and hope from local residents and people across America to the employees at Reston Hospital Center,” she said. The installation showcases 150 art panels from across America honoring front-line workers and remembering those lost to COVID-19. It was displayed at the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials in Washington, D.C.”

As per Reston Connection, “On Thursday, Dec. 10, the week after Canney installed HOPE at Reston Hospital Center, the United States Food and Drug Administration advisory panel gave the green light to recommend that the Food and Drug Administration authorize Pfizer and BiNTech’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in people 16 and older. The vote was 17 to 4 with one abstention. The panel’s approval was second to the last step in the process of rolling out the vaccine for emergency use. It opened the door for the FDA to give the final authorization.”

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