Fairfax County teacher Turns Treehouse Into Virtual Classroom

Nellie Williams is a sixth-grade Fairfax County, Virginia, teacher. When she realized virtual learning would continue at the start of the school year, she knew she needed to change her environment. Her two teenage daughters’ old treehouse in the backyard of her home looked like it could be the perfect spot.

According to wtop.com, “The Haycock Elementary School teacher said the interior was completely unfinished, so they insulated the inside, installed a new floorboard and porch and added stairs to replace the original a rope ladder, which had since rotted. The advanced academics teacher said “a lot of math was involved” to remodel the space, but she enjoys the peace and calm of the unconventional classroom. And she said the cozy treehouse has been a fun way to connect to her students.”

As per wtop.com, “Williams said she’s not usually handy, but working on the project with her husband gave her an opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone. It also gave her an opportunity to teach her class about do-it-yourself projects. “I’ve shown pictures to them about the whole process, and I just explained all the work that goes into it.” She said it’s important to get “creative about the space you are in now” because “creating a space that’s your own” helps you concentrate, “and it’s fun too.”

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