Bull Run Festival Of Lights Opens Through January 10

The Bull Run Festival of Lights is the largest light show in the Washington Metropolitan area, and this winter it is more popular than ever before. The numbers are staggering: over 60,000 cars this year and around 240,000 people have enjoyed the over 2,000,000 lights! And the show is not over.
Some of the two million lights
As per The Connection Newspapers, "The pandemic has closed down so many things, and yet people still want to get out and do something fun, particularly around the holidays. These factors have made the Festival of Lights more popular than ever before. The Bull Run show has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years. 2019 hit a high watermark of 48,000 vehicles. But 2020 has pushed the popularity of this show even more. We have had over 60,000 families come through the show, and by the time it is done, it could be over 100,000 vehicles or around 400,000 people. That is around 20% of the combined population of Northern Virginia." According to The Connection Newspapers, "The Bull Run Festival of Lights was the first all-LED light show in the country when it opened in 2006. Every year since significant new displays has been added to this over 2.5-mile show. Today the number of lights is well over two million! And the effect is magical. The snow tubes in the woods make it look like it is snowing lights in areas. It takes five semi-truck trailers and a large building to hold all the displays when the show is not in operation. Thousands of people a year go to Bull Run to camp, picnic, go to the waterpark and attend special events, but by far, the greatest attraction is the annual light show."

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