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The Town of Vienna is a town of more than 16,500 people. Vienna residents are passionate about their neighborhoods, downtown, and activities. They have block parties, walk and bike to restaurants and shops and they play sports, sing, and dance, and do art. However, above all, they volunteer. It is not just the parents who are volunteering: empty-nesters, single folks, and children alike share this passion for service.

The Colbert family, from left: Linda, Heather, Hannah, Mike. On July 6, 2020, Linda Colbert was sworn in as mayor of the Town of Vienna

According to the Vienna Connection, “The town closes Maple Avenue for two parades per year – the Halloween Parade and the James Madison High School Homecoming Parade. These are two of my family’s favorite events. Whether you are a spectator or participant in the Halloween parade, the energy can be felt by all. People line the curb with blankets to assure a good spot in anticipation of the evening event and groups line up on Branch Street getting ready to walk, dance, or ride down the avenue. It is a coalition of people working together and having fun.”

As per Vienna Connection, “The Friday before the big Madison Homecoming game creates a buzz of excitement in town. Parents, teachers, locals, business owners, and employees cheer the many teams and clubs of students as they parade down the street from the Vienna Presbyterian Church to James Madison Drive. The spirit is palpable for Vienna’s high school and we can all be sure that we are a part of the Warhawk spirit!”

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