Great Falls Teen Operates A Successful Business

Joey Newton of Great Falls is only thirteen years old but he is already an entrepreneur and a savvy one. Newton owns and operates a local business which he named Joey’s Wood Signs. This business is based in his family’s garage. There, he crafts rustic wood signs made from reclaimed lumber.

Joey Newton, 13, of Great Falls, owner of ‘Joey’s Wood Signs’ sets up a display table with his handcrafted rustic signs made with reclaimed lumber

According to, “Newton’s business idea began with a challenge put forth a year ago by his mother. Newton said she asked him to craft a rustic wood sign to put over the family piano. She would either pay him to make it or buy one at the store and pay them. Newton said he agreed to attempt to make the sign. Not knowing much of anything about carpentry skills, he turned to a pro, the person who was renovating the family home. Newton learned the hard way. He used basic hand tools, a miter saw, and a hammer. “I didn’t have a nail gun or an electric sander,” he said. In search of low-cost or free wood, the renovator came to rescue again and made a suggestion. “We used free pallet wood from stores,” Newton said. Wanting to keep expenditures low by repurposing items he needed for sign production, Newton said he used leftover paint from the house project.”

As per, “Growth balanced with smarter work became crucial to the business’ survival to keep up with demand. Newton replaced his hand tools, slower and more tiring, with power tools. Driving nails had proved especially frustrating. Newton said, “I got a nail gun, which was a huge improvement. It was a pain to do every nail by hand.” He switched from road map signs, labor-intensive, to another design. He said, “I’m more focused on signs that say, Home Sweet Home, stuff like that…I could do more of them faster.” Roxanne Hyatt of Great Falls purchased a sign. “I selected a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’…as a gift for Father’s Day… Can’t wait to see his business grow,” she said.”

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