Try Delicious Afghan Food At Bamian Restaurant

Bamian Restaurant offers Afghani specialties like kebabs and aushaks (plus vegetarian options) served in a polished space. It is located at 5634 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA. The elegantly appointed dining area with high ceilings is the perfect place to begin your meal with delicious Afghan appetizers, some made with pastry dough and others prepared as dumplings.

As per, “The Bamian’s main courses include many varieties of grilled Kabobs. You may choose from beef, chicken, lamb and lamb chops, vegetables, and even salmon. Most dishes are accompanied by rice, special dipping sauces, and of course Nan, the traditional homemade Afghan bread, freshly made in their Tandoor oven. Bamian also offers a number of vegetarian dishes. And don’t forget to finish your meal by trying some of the delicious Afghan Pastries and desserts. The atmosphere and food will leave you feeling like you just had the best gourmet Afghan food in the world! Bamian is open Every Day for lunch and dinner. Try Bamian with family and friends. You won’t walk away hungry and you will surely be back for more!”

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2912 Cleave Dr

[$745,000, Falls Church, VA 22042]

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