State Department Buyer Rebate For A Townhouse Like 5449 Crossrail Dr

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In Northern Virginia, for many buyers it's usually cheaper for State employees to purchase than to lease a home—especially if we pick up the cash for your closing costs. If you are a State Department Employee buying real estate townhouse acquisition, you'll have to scrounge up enough money for settlement fees. That’s true whether you’re mulling over the idea of real estate like this townhouse at 5449 Crossrail Dr or any other abode like 5449 Crossrail Dr. But I have some excellent news: I can help with your cash at settlement.

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How does it work? Well, if you let Andrew Patton benefit you when you acquire a townhouse like this townhouse at 5449 Crossrail Dr, then I will pay a State Department down-payment cash reward of $1,465 toward your money for settlement fees. As expected, details and restrictions apply. For example, we can only pay this credit if your lender allows it.
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It only makes sense to use our offer as part of your down-payment.

Photo of 5449 Crossrail Dr
Andrew Patton is a competant whiz on real estate in Northern Virginia, and Andrew Patton works for a little locally-owned family-run brokerage. How can we help? Additionally, Andrew Patton will pay a State Department buyer cash reward of $1,465 toward your closing costs. Please contact Andrew Patton for specifics and more about how I can help you.

$365,000 ++ 3 BR ++ 1 BA ++ 1 HB ++ 1,200 SQFT ++ Burke 22015 VA

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