Lorton Workhouse Arts Center Hosts Community Market

The Lorton Workhouse Arts Center hosted the first of its weekly Community Markets on Saturday morning of June 27, . Music played as small businesses set up tents and sold products from food to jewelry. Many of the businesses that attended were negatively affected by COVID-19. 

Pam Eisenmann, artist, Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton

Elena Romanova, the Chief Development Officer of the Workhouse Arts Center said, “We knew we had a space that is truly unique. We thought why don’t we get our local community back here and do something like a farmer’s market but with a twist? Where we would invite various businesses to participate to let people know that they’re back in business, to give them the opportunity to do so safely and also surrounded by beautiful, historical structures of the Workhouse.”

As per www.connectionnewspapers.com, “The event provided a venue for local businesses to reconnect with customers. “We don’t have a storefront so… a lot of our business comes through events like festivals and markets,” said Natasha Ettienne-Johnson, an owner of HoneyCakes Desserts in Lorton. “I think this platform is good for people in the community who don’t know so much about our product and give them the opportunity to try something different.

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