Things To Know About Kings Park West

  • Kings Park West is a CDP in Fairfax County, VA located southwest of Washington, D.C.
  • It is bordered to the north by the George Mason CDP, to the northeast by Long Branch, to the southeast by Burke, and to the south by Fairfax Station.
  • It has a population of 13,390.
  • Richmarr Construction Corporation started on Kings Park West following the success of its Kings Park development earlier in the decade.
  • The construction began 53 years ago in mid-1967 and the first homes were available in 1968.
  • The development was built in sections, with the final section completed in 1986.
  • Kings Park West includes Laurel Ridge Elementary School, dating from 1970.
  • On the development’s west boundary, Robinson Secondary School opened in 1971.

Properties in Kings Park West

$619,000 at Kings Park West
$516,806 at Kings Park West
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