Fairfax County Adopts More Roads Than Any Other County

The Virginia Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway encourages to clean the roadsides, get some sun, and practice social distancing while doing a good deed. VDOT says that roads in Fairfax County are adopted more than in any county in the state. The Adopt-a-Highway program has 324 active permits with a total of 1763.99 lane miles adopted in Fairfax County. 

Cinder Bed Road was adopted by the Springfield Youth Club, who were up to date with clean-ups in 2019

According to Burke Connection, “If any groups want to do it during the pandemic, VDOT has a few guidelines:

  • The Adopt-a-Highway program asks all volunteers to adhere to the federal and state-mandated social distancing guidelines.
  • Offices are open to provide any volunteer safety items if needed and to contact the office to schedule a date and time to pick up the items.
  • Personnel will leave the items in an accessible area outside of the office for volunteers to pick up.
  • VDOT crews are still performing road maintenance work and able to pick up any bags left on the side of the road.
  • The volunteers’ safety and health are the number one priority.”

As per Burke Connection, “The Adopt-A-Highway program was launched in 1988. Each year, nearly 18,000 Adopt-a-Highway volunteers collect more than 25,600 bags of waste along Virginia’s highways. VDOT encourages Adopt-a-Highway participants to schedule one of their two yearly pickups during April to coincide with “Earth Day” or in the fall to coincide with the autumn “Day to Serve.” If your group cannot participate on those dates or weather makes it unsafe to pick up litter, schedule your cleanups for other spring and fall dates.”

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