1,000 Loaves Of Bread Donated By Great Harvest Bread Company

AGreat Harvest Bread Company in Fairfax County, Virginia is doing everything it can to give bread to those who need it. Families are experiencing food shortages during the coronavirus pandemic. Great Harvest Bread Co. has been asking the public to donate cash to the business in recent weeks so it can donate loaves of bread to local food banks and other charitable groups. The business is able to make and donate one loaf of bread for every $5 it gets.

Jeanette Moler, the owner of Great Harvest Bread co., prepares bread for donation.

Manager Jeffrey Connelly said, “A normal loaf of bread costs $8.25. We’ve brought it down to $5, which gives us enough money to cover the costs that we have and get the bread out there. We’ve been very fortunate in the way that we’ve had our community come together to help others. What we’ve been able to do is turn the kindness of others into food for families in need.”

According to wtop.com, “If someone donates $100, the business throws in an extra five loaves of bread for a total of 25 loaves. The business has taken in around $3,000 in donations from the public. So far, the business has made nine deliveries, giving out more than 1,000 loaves of bread. A group called the Lorton Community Action Center, which provides food and financial assistance to low-income individuals has received 50 to 100 loaves every week from the company.”

As per wtop.com, “Not only has Great Harvest Bread Co. been delivering its bread donations, but it has also been letting people go straight to their bakery locations and take a loaf of bread if they need it. The business has two locations in Burke and Lorton.”

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