the things i like about where i got my groceries +fun stuff

  1. safeway read the name like insurance a safe way as in choice. enjoy this place has been here for a while remember the coin 25 cent sodas. sur charged goods and seeing neighbor landlords in person. a fun time around the super bowl or other exciting times. good distant deli. wines. seafood and available items see the canned oysters canned crab old bay seasoned shrimp crab legs etc. fritos snacks wealth taste. cash back.
  2. shoppers sort of cute available packages seeing andy capp slim jims custom generic pickled eggs. bakery. older wiser settled and assimilated choices old croc cheese fried chicken vacation reminders. earlier mentioning what's available at bodega's or convenience stores.
  3. costco according to one days math this was the cheapest food source. buy in bulk. cool other items think the vocabulary word is treasures. very approachable it's all there milk rotisserie etc.
  4. target can see other choices in the pseudo department store happy with my graphic tees. the frozen food bagel dog quest pizza other items peanut butter. survey.
  5. walmart cheap tasty hasidic white and black and other other shopping on the errand. miscellanea. sur charged. price quality fun entertaining cheap designer.
  6. commissary military benefits. big store lots of good undisputed purchases. on base at fort belvoir. good flavor.
  7. giant seemingly not as expensive and also family oriented. sort of good video image like some 80s and 90s even 70s or 60s. french bread store brand different bucknell than safeway.
  8. super h mart the ramen! the kimchi! the pseudo third world like korea. good tea. coconut water.
  9. big lots bargain cute smart items. retail. near the mini dealership. american chain. budget.
  10. wegmans calamari oyster in shell bagels. off post individual serving of packaged food. cafeteria.
bonus: where i like to get life supplies
  1. michaels canvas paints brushes supplies sections
  2. alexandria music guitars strings picks instruction poster
  3. post exchange everything technology clothes toys shoes home goods souvenirs
  4. walgreens magazine sun glasses toys candles drinks
  5. petco a bird dog supply pets

my mortgage time passing tips and tricks without car vehicle

see carl sandburg the original fort hunt high school education days of aim or aol chatting skateboards cds band t shirts. long boring summers with cable television am i too old to watch sponge bob square pants whoah mtv comedy central you have some good points on this and my personality. so my youth best friend bird being a awesome tour guide see the pseudo bodega 7 eleven john and kevin in that universe taking the bus to springfield. just chilling. mike another good old pal with before school ritual youth sports. many people here and there in the shout outs rick cash paid when i got those rock and roll cassettes gifted. girls and conversations though  thankful for *cough* guitar to say the least. kids toys and kids books the headless horsemen holidays school cancellations snow days. here's my present day aristocratic single pseudo ghetto campus participation activities:
  1. non car commute do a loop on the longboard. ride a bike on an errand. be mindful of if it would be a good idea to save up for a scooter though the current bureaucracy. pocket bike rack fanny pack bookbag messenger bag.
  2. shop with a cash bill see what is there that can induce 'turbo'. some things to think about alcohol format sur charged marketing gimmick foods. thrift store browsing digging searching.
  3. parks basketball pole skateboarding common area dog park though grover's been attacked.
  4. walk stop by the library for pick ups. watch weight sink off. go on a walk to walmart target walgreens 7 eleven a restaurant. escape the suburbs for a little while. see the incognito traffic.
  5. visuals blog and document homemade media. day dream about the stones exile on main street kerouac and the beats enjoy the cash injected comforts provided see dmb or university distributions gwar iron and wine conor oberst. through the past darkly album covers a magazine to digest from a store shelf. make a movie with a tripod.
  6. benches public space to have a cute pseudo picnic. belle view the further parkway. the lesson of doing something and the effect of. tax and the sheriff. retirement disability good karma my parents peoples healthcare choices.
  7. dog give him a chance to go use the bathroom. give up on previous ideas will a dog get me opportunites with women will being pseudo gay be single and business oriented [sic logistics]
  8. material brainstorm see the overheard embellishments and flattery compliments of dreams tried plus with insurance and without injury. what to publish. who will collaborate.
  9. athletics prefer to record landing skateboard tricks. the nearby fitness place. shooting the bball. past era of running.
  10. social opportunity where are the openings for fun see constraints and professional livelihood leisure. henry miller admired my appreciated relationships despite my christmas carol short handed cited thesis. being a guest daydreams of movie references and other famous qualities. the events merch beer scotch red wine music other planned activities movies anniversaries parties convention.

what i do at home my property entertainment

  1. bed lay down be slothly. use the smart phone. consider looking out a window. reading material is there if necessary to study.
  2. internet computer roku what to watch and listen to. youtube hulu usb storage specifics memories clouds.
  3. studio what to document miniature logic paint canvas record music make video write study have fun. pseudo keith dylan kanye etc the actual ghetto version vs what was planned.
  4. guitar strum pick neighbor businesses alexandria music been around for a while harlequin phone day dreams the cuddles the guest the toilet.
  5. dorm air conditioning on campus spot wise guides savings fascination and fixation. accounting skateboard condition video game dvd player home theatre.
  6. cafe cups of tea milk option honey option microwave couch entertainment medication collectibles totems statues nick nacks. vinyl cd media.
  7. dog dog bed hug kiss touch pet care for. friendly animal domesticated guard dog protection. different than a girlfriend or spouse. scheming to get a bird.
  8. meal time constraint could cook a whole left over totting feast see soups chili pasta etc. grocery processed premade cost and desires. see thought retired. Toilet.
  9. plot review my profile review past purchases think of what to do see the other blog topics. decide what to use my time on. weighing the choice of an orphan adoption.
  10. backyard fresh air seasons times spent and the dreams lived. secluded private peaceful bench purchased entertainments candle radio cup of coffee.

my favorite sur charged meal places in northern va

  1. old chicago the small business classics the regular menu the easily accessible place. eat in or to go pull up and park in the huntington part of the map. friendly and laser precision stylized fab.
  2. bob and edith's specials a la carte menu pretty arlington reference pseudo media and lights see tom waits or fonzi with the juke box. historical branches approachable and at the same time city distance. see the seinfeld interpertation.
  3. fast food chains chicken american roy's pop eye's kentucky fried chicken mcdonald's ledo's burger king chik fil a taco bell. cheap healthy quick combo drive thru survey dine in desert. richmond highway temporary gimmicks poster. transient in between and walk in. pizza hut.
  4. pseudo mom and pop's greek primos mamma's olympians. shopping center waitress tips indoors windows cozy family oriented owners portions. townie vibes civilized aristocracy good deal and welcoming.
  5. sea food red lobster legal sea foods sea boil union street pub. oysters with option for hot sauce crab legs cheese rolls military clients social work. minority business terms ghettos fish market stupor inducing to the mind.
  6. hunan manor pho fort hunt. broth recipe french chinese delivery traditional classic campaign. asian hot condiments culture. panda express.
  7. o'connell's myron mixon's. old town irish barbeque fancy formal yuppy. the showmanship the appearance the ladies passing by the faces in the corner of your eyes. the art league and the music store crooked beat.
  8. buffet hibachi grill green olive. generous full meal fun pseudo campus cafeteria getting there choices bike longboard car scooter etc. heat lamp.
  9. sports chadwicks skateboard road bike hoops beach football volleyball etc. formatting pros college arena leisure coed etc. insider insight. in person presences when i wanted to meet rory or their neighbor big wheel. nick and megan.
  10. johnny macs no bathroom. outside belvoir. hot tasty business do it your self. mount vernon display boards menu choice. delicious food.  
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some of my favorite neighborhood restaurant-bars

  1. Outside patio near suburbs in country club world. Nice ambiance cramped. I could ride my bike from my detached home here and have some cash alcohol then go home w/ no taxi fare. There's separate society it's belle haven.
  2. Feeling like a big shot in a movie recording. See the mall fun see the italian atmosphere the delicious family style meals the chain corporation.
  3. The king street shuffles union st pub chadwicks. But this fantasy the ghost tour stop the home made beer but then there's o'shaugnessy's and rock it grill both as specific as the rest. The old town alexandria walk fun the map the hallucination marketing ploys gandalf gamgee the ring the interior paint and the tourism.
  4. Neighborhood friendly walkable pretty western images. Tasty parent meals entrepreneurial the cute gumball machine toys the highway mexican texican.
  5. del ray suburbs pseudo house party interior floor plan two floors? further from a yellow blue line metro stop. Different then their prolific neighbor the birchmere. The Mount Vernon Avenue strip with other places some outdoor seating.