Raytheon’s Chantilly Encourages Girls To Become Engineers

Only 14 percent of America’s engineers are women as per the National Science Foundation. Hence, Raytheon and the Ox Hill Boys & Girls Club teamed up to introduce girls to women already working in the field. They made them do hands-on activity and encourage them to consider becoming engineers. They held a special event, Feb. 20, at Ox Hill Baptist Church in Chantilly in celebration of National Engineers Week Girl Day.

Brookfield Elementary students (from left) Jayah Richardson and Za’Liyah Davis display their cup pyramid

Stephanie Lackey, Raytheon director of engineering business analytics said, “Engineers make the world a better place. A Raytheon engineer designed the protocols for email addresses, and another Raytheon engineer invented the first microwave. The average salary has gone up, over the years, because engineers – especially women engineers – are in great demand. In 2016, the average engineer’s salary was $101,000. Over the course of their lifetimes, engineering majors will earn $1.4 million more than a liberal-arts major.”

According to Centre View, “Next, the Raytheon engineers taught them how to write programs for a STEM activity, “Code without Computers.” The girls wrote their directions as symbols illustrating each step to create pyramids of colorful, plastic cups. (So if they moved a cup to the right, they’d draw an arrow pointing right). Then, working in teams, they built their pyramids.”

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