Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Brings Easter Celebration To Children In Falls Church

The parks department has decided to take Mr. and Mrs. Bunny on a trip through the city on the day when the annual Easter Egg Hunt usually brings thousands of kids to the City of Falls Church. Surely they will be maintaining proper social distancing. “We are taking the bunny to the streets,” said Danny Schlitt, director of the City of Falls Church Recreation and Parks Department. Mr. and Mrs. bunny split up — just for the day — taking two different routes through the streets of Falls Church.

According to, “The city’s Easter Egg Hunt in Cherry Hill Park had to be canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak this year and Schlitt said that they wanted to find a safe way to ensure kids still got to celebrate the Easter festivities as hundreds of children go to the event each year. “It’s a little different than what we’re used to,” Schlitt said. “We usually invite everybody to come to us and today we’re trying to drive around town and see if we can just add a little bit a couple of smiles to little ones and big one’s faces — just to kind of lighten the load a little bit during this crazy time.”

As per, “Local police escorted the bunnies through the streets where they were greeted by welcoming waves and smiles instead of hugs this year. “Lots of folks just kind of with a smile on their face as they’re kind of going about their day,” Schlitt said. “We are driving around town and showing the Easter Bunny to all the little ones. There is a bunny on both sides of town, so we’re trying to cover the entire city.” The parks department is looking into bringing more events online and changing the way things are done while the list of canceled events and traditions pile up. “We’re trying to find new ways to make things happen,” Schlitt said.”

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