Mom Celebrates Son’s Birthday Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Work, shopping and going out to eat being has been disrupted as stay-at-home and social distancing orders linger in the D.C. area. Everyday things, such as birthday parties, we take for granted can no longer happen right now. How do you celebrate a birthday when you can’t gather people because of coronavirus? You just have to be creative.

Suzan Watkinson’s driveway in Fairfax County

According to, “Fairfax County, Virginia, resident Suzan Watkinson borrowed chalk from a neighbor and decorated her driveway to celebrate her son Connor’s Birthday. “I never thought I would be decorating a driveway for a 23-year-old, but when there’s nothing much else to do and you’re trying to bring some joy to a person’s life, you start to get creative,” Watkinson said. Watkinson, her daughters, and her son’s girlfriend got to work, decorating the driveway with the words “Happy Birthday,” and even drew a big birthday cake.”

As per, “Part of the plan was to get people to honk as they drove by to help celebrate, but as Wilkinson said, that turned out not to be, in her words, “super productive, because no one is driving by. “In the normal world, honking would work,” Watkinson said. Some people walking dogs did see the driveway art and wished Connor a happy birthday. Mom said, “I think it made him feel loved.” Happy birthday, Connor!”

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