Tips On How To Homeschool Your Kids During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused schools across Virginia to close its doors to avoid the spread of the virus. Schools in Alexandria are closed for an estimated four weeks and this means parents and caregivers are tasked with the job of becoming teachers. Students in grades 3-12 in Alexandria brought home Chromebooks which will enable them to have access to online learning while some students were provided with worksheets, learning packets and enrichment activity ideas.

Homeschooling can be a challenge for some parents and caregivers. Here are some tips to help parents/caregivers to homeschool:

  • Set a schedule – keep kids in a routine as they normally would during school as this will provide stability and reduce anxiety.
  • Access free (or low cost) resources – use the internet wisely and gain information from reputable sources such as government agencies or professional associations. Libraries in Alexandria remain open and are operating on a normal schedule.
  • Help kids pick up a new hobby – staying home can become boring after a while so help your kids to develop a new hobby while staying at home. Collaborate with professionals in you neighborhood who may be able to interest your kids in a new hobby.
  • Order kits – order hands on kits for your kids to use while homeschooling, LEGO kits and model kits are great for use as art projects and they are really enjoyable.

Homeschooling can be challenging for some parents but keeping your kids on a schedule while doing playful activities can make keep their brains active.

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