Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus With These Useful Health Tips

The Novel Coronavirus is a spreading like wildfire throughout the entire world and residents in Alexandria are urged to protect themselves and their families from this epidemic by practicing good hygiene and boosting their immune systems.

The City of Alexandria in association with the Alexandria Health Department, Inova Health System and the Alexandria City Public Schools officials will be hosting an online virtual information session on Thursday March 12 2020. The session will be used to provide information and answer questions about the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In addition to the information providing in the session residents are urged to:

  • wash their hands correctly and thoroughly
  • sanitize hands regularly
  • get a good night sleep
  • adopt a healthy diet
  • stock up on the three important vitamins: Vitamin C, B6 and E
  • exercise

Residents wishing to learn more about the COVID-19 coronavirus can access the virtual session at

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